How to apply using PRC's Online Application System (OAS)
How to apply using PRC's Online Application System (OAS)


Now its easier and more convenient to apply for your board examinations! The Professional Regulations Commissions launched their Online Application System (OAS) to enable applicants for the various licensure examination to file their applications online. Nurses applying for the Nurse Licensure Examination can use their online system to apply.


The application process is so simple that you can only read through step 1. Anyways, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can apply:

Step 1. Go to:

Step 2. Read and follow through the instructions then press “Next”

Step 3. Read and agree to the “Terms and Conditions”

Step 4. Accomplish the application form found at with complete and correct details.

Step 5. When all information has been properly encoded, click on SAVE, then click on OK.

A confirmation message will appear on your screen confirming that you’ve successfully submitted your application. A similar notification will also be sent to your email address.

Step 6. Proceed to the nearest PRC office and present all required documentary requirements for validation, payment of prescribed fees and issuance of Notice of Admission (NOA) preferably before or on prescribed deadline for application.

Additional Info

PRC Approved Zones (university or college) may arrange a schedule in advance with PRC so that a processing team from PRC can be deployed to a specific college where graduates who filed online may present all required documentary requirements for validation, payment and issuance of NOA. The schedule should be made for IT/Computers and printers for use by the PRC staff during the scheduled appointment.


  1. Online Application for Licensure Examination 



    how can i fill-up the box with a magnifying glass the result is not there..

    • skye tara

      Use common key words like the name of your city and school. Usually, if you type it down completely, results will come out as zero. Read the instructions before clicking next as almost all possible concerns has been answered there.

      There’s no form provided. Just click the link given at the post and instructions will be provided as you go along through it. If you want, you can printscreen before you click “save” and printscreen the screen saying your registration was successful. :)

    • Matt Vera

      For those who can’t find the form, please do read this. Thank you skye for your comment! :)


    hindi po masearch ang school adress etc…

  • Maeyl

    can i take NLE here at abu dhabi uae? i can’t leave my work here..

    • Matt Vera

      There are special licensure exams for nurses given by the PRC on certain countries. You can inquire about the process at the Philippine Embassy. :)

  • mjane

    i want to apply online, but were is the format of form?

  • maconel

    i want to apply online but i cannot find the’ts for monday-friday

  • mercy catubig

    i want to apply online, but i can’t find the form.

  • cheryl t. gamarcha

    i want to apply online but i cannot find the form.what should i do?

  • tina

    Pano po makita ulit yung confirmation of application?thanks

  • love joy Galvez

    Bakit po hindi ma search ang school address?