Renewing PRC License at SM Malls and PRC Offices
Renewing PRC License at SM Malls and PRC Offices


Nurse License Cards or Professional Identification Cards (PICs), issued by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), are proof that a nurse is duly licensed, registered and identified professional by the Board of Nursing to practice nursing in the Philippines. These licenses are issued after successfully passing the Nurse Licensure Examination and need to be renewed every three (3) years on your birth date.

PRC licenses can be renewed at the main and regional offices of the PRC. Recently, the PRC has opened renewal centers in select Business Service Centers of SM Malls which are virtually faster and more convenient.

In this post, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide including some frequently asked questions on how to renew your PRC licenses.


The following are the requirements to renew PRC license:

  • PRC renewal form. Properly accomplish the form which can be downloaded here. These are also available at the PRC offices. Some critically important info needed are:
    • License No
    • Exam Date
    • Registration Date
    • Expiration Date
  • Two (2) Passport size photos. Photo should be a close-up shot, colored, in white background with complete name tag.
  • Photocopy of recent PRC license card. Back to back photocopy of your most recent professional ID card.
  • Old PRC license card. Bring your old PRC license card for verification. If yours is lost, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • Attire with collar. Please wear an attire with collars on. The passport size photos above are just for PRC’s backup. They would still take your photo using their own cameras.


Prescribed fees are to be paid for renewal, they are as follows:

At PRC Offices

  • Renewal fee of 450 pesos.
  • Express mail fee of 80 pesos. If you want to have your license mailed to your address, avail this service.

At SM Malls

  • If renewing at SM Malls, an addition Php 50 fee is to be paid for convenience fee.


At PRC Offices

  1. Present duly accomplished form together with the needed requirement at the Assessment Windows 17, 18 and 30.
  2. Pay the prescribed fees to the Cashier at windows 33, 34, and 35.
  3. Get your claim slip at window 17, 18 and 30.
  4. Claim your professional license as scheduled in your claim stub. You can also have it mailed to you by availing the courier service.

At SM Malls

  1. Go to any Business Service Centers of SM Malls.
  2. Submit the duly accomplished PRC renewal form.
  3. Present your documents.
  4. Pay the prescribed fees.
  5. Claim your license as scheduled in your claim stub.

SM Renewal Centers 

SM PRC ID Renewal Centers are open during mall hours seven days  a week. Currently, these renewal centers are located at:

  • SM Mall of Asia
  • SM Novaliches
  • SM Marikina
  • SM Masinag
  • SM Manila
  • SM Quiapo
  • SM Harrison Plaza
  • SM Sta. Mesa
  • SM Sucat
  • SM Mall Bacoor
  • SM Mall Dasmarinas
  • SM Mall Calamba
  • SM Mall Lipa City
  • SM City Pampanga
  • SM City Clark

You can also check you local SM Mall’s Business Service Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the frequently asked questions. Be sure to read them before hitting the comments section for your inquiry.

1. I’ve lost my PRC License ID. What to do? 

PRC requires you to submit a notarized affidavit of loss together with the requirements above.

2. I’m past my expiration date! Can I still renew? 

Of course, but a penalty fee of 20 pesos per month past the expiration date is due to be paid. If your license is expired for more than five (5) consecutive years, a refresher course is needed. Here’s an excerpt of the article from RA 9173:

Article V, Section 26.
“Requirement for Inactive Nurses Returning to Practice. – Nurses who have not actively practiced the profession for five (5) consecutive years are required to undergo one (1) month of didactic training and three (3) months of practicum. The Board shall accredit hospitals to conduct the said training program.”

3. My PRC License was destroyed. 

For destroyed or badly damaged ID cards, PRC requires you to surrender it then follow the same procedure above.

4. Are CPE units still required? 

Yes…(pst! Actually no.)

5. How long will I have to wait for it to arrive? 

Around 20 working days at SM Business Centers. Same day or around two (2) hours at PRC main and regional offices.

6. Can I have someone claim my renewed ID? 

Yes. An authorization letter, your claim stub and valid IDs for your representative are needed. To avoid the troubles of going back, have it mailed directly to your residence.

7. I’m abroad and would want to renew my license. 

You can renew your license at the Philippine Embassy or have a representative in the Philippines do it for your. All they have to do is follow the procedure above and present a Special Power of Attorney and a valid identification of the professional and representative.

8. Can I renew even before the expiration date/birth date? 

You can start renewing your license three (3) months before your expiration date.


  1. Renewal of Professional ID via Professional Regulation Commission website.


  • abi

    hi…is it ok if hindi muna ako magchange status ngayung magrerenew ako ng license ko..can i still use my maiden name sa renewed license ko?

  • shai

    Hi, I have something to ask. I got my license 2 years ago and I never got the chance to use it because I’m not teaching at the moment. When I was opening an account in a certain bank, I used this license as one of the reqs. And I was shocked when the teller said, the birth date isn’t the same. I actually didn’t know that. Instead of 6/28/89, it’s 1/28/89. What should I do? I need help. :(

  • Paul

    Hi there guys,

    I really need your help on this.

    I passed the board exams last December 2011, but have not taken the time to claim my PRC license because I have been busy at work for the past 3 years, it has already expired around my birthday this year which was around January.

    My question is: Do i need to go directly to the PRC Office to process my license, then renew it? Or do I proceed at the SM Service center, and just process a renewed license, plus additional fees there might be to have my license processed?

    Please answer, thank you very much! God bless!

    • Matt Vera

      Hello Paul,

      You’ll have to go to the PRC directly. Though you’ve passed the exam, I think you’re not recognized as a professional since you’re not registered. Please do contact PRC if you have more questions.


  • carmen

    Yon license ko expired na po more than 5 years na dito po ako sa abroad working as a nurse need ko pa po ba mg refresher course? Thanks po

  • ann

    hi. if il renew my prc license in davao, can i get my PRC id on same day?

  • grace

    Hi! Have a question… my license is expired and i will also change my name coz im already married. Do i need to fill up 2 forms? The renewal form and the petition for change of name? Thanks…

    • Matt Vera

      Hi Grace,

      Yes, you need to accomplish those two forms. :)

  • mawel

    for RN’s po na paso na ang license and mag re-renew, magkano po ang fine? salamat po.

  • Mae

    Hi, do the SM outlets process change of name due to marriage requests or I still have to go to the main office.

    • abi

      i think you still have to go to the main office

  • Maria RaphonselVillamater

    I have been living abroad since 1985 and my license has been expired since 1991….being just a stay home mom is probably the reason why I neglected renewing my license for a very long time…..I am still abroad and I am planning to visit home and t plan to renew my license….is there an exemption for taking the refresher course and can I still renew?. Thanks.

  • Joana

    Hi. I want to know if is it possible to renew my license now if it is still valid for 1 year. Because i will stay abroad for 2 years, i want to keep it valid until i will come back here in our country.thanks. Hope you can help me out. :-)

  • yumi

    hi. i passed the NLE last july 2010 but havent registered yet. should i just go through the usual process of initial registration?

  • carla

    open po ba ang prc renewal sa mga malls kahit po holiday?

  • Desiree

    Hi! I would like to ask if you have idea about the board certificate. I ask for a reprint last 2012 sunce i lost mine,it just arrived last monday and when they release it here in Iloilo the Prc manila printed a wrong Date of Registration,so the Prc iloilo recommend me to return it to manila so i ask if i can personally bring it they say it is question is if i would request them to reprint since it is their fault since in the data base my date are correct can i get it immediately? I badly need it since i will be leaving the country again. Thank you

  • Princess

    Hi my license got expired 7 years now. I got married in 2012… In the form to be filled, can i put my married name already pr i should go through all the formalities reqd?

    • Matt Vera

      Hi Princess,

      For expired licenses, you’ll need to take a refresher course for it to be active again.
      As for petition to change names, you can fill-up this form.

  • http://[email protected] Sam

    Hi there, my PRC ID will be expired next year so its good to hear that there is an easy way for us to renew the ID. Does anyone here tried renewing their PRC at SM North EDSA? which is closer to me. or SM Cubao? these malls are not included in the options. Thanks and Godbless

    • Matt Vera

      Hi Sam,

      I haven’t checked if SM North Edsa and SM Cubao have PRC ID renewals. You can contact them via: (02) 929 6686. :) Godbless!

  • mark

    Good day! I have already filed for the renewal of my license at sm dasma ast may 25, 2014. My friend followed up my application and the person-on-desk told her, that my license will be released in august. My license will expire on july 26, 2014. What shall I do? I really need my license. Can i just file again at prc?

    • Matt Vera

      Hi Mark, if you need your license (for employment, etc) you can simply present your official receipt that your license is for renewal.

  • Anne

    Hi! Would like to ask if PRC’s Fast ID System is still ongoing? I am currently on vacation right now and I just want to take the chance to renew my license (nurse). Thank you in advance :)

    • Matt Vera

      Hi Anne,

      Yes, you can claim your renewed license within the hour if you’ll renew at the PRC main office. :)

  • http://google girlie

    With regards to FAQ 2 , Article states that if you have not actively practiced profession for 5 years you need a refresher course. What if we can prove that we have actively practiced our profession as a Registered Nurse overseas during that 5 years, does this rule still apply to us as well? Please give some clarification since most overseas Board of Nursing allow us to re enter the registration as long as we have practiced nursing in their country or overseas with certain amount of hours during the last five years since our registration expired.

  • http://google girlie

    Regarding FAQ 2, if PRC license expired 5 years ago we will need to do refresher course to allow us to return to practise. Would that still be the case even if we can prove that we have been practising continuously overseas as a registered nurse during that five years?

  • Wynn

    Can I renew my expired license at any SM Malls or at PRC office only?

    • Matt Vera

      I think you should read the article…

  • Glowie Fadallan

    In the article indicated for nurses, they must take a refresher if their license is more than 5 years, is it applicable also to CIVIL ENGINEERs license that are more than 5 years?

    • Matt Vera

      Hello Glowie,

      I’m not aware about the rules and regulations for Civil Engineers. For nurses, that particular rule for refresher course was stated by the Nursing Act of 2002.

  • Kim C.

    Hi.. My PRC ID was lost and expired for a year. What are the requirements for the renewal? Do i still need to have an affidavit of loss since its already been 1 year expired and also how do I get my license number since its one of the important information needed which i forgot. Please enlighten me.. Thanks!

    • Matt Vera

      Kim, Please read FAQ #1 “I’ve lost my PRC License ID. What to do?”

  • Rosana L Gatan

    Hello…some of my friends told me that 2015, PRC implements again the CPE before renewing PRC licence for nurses. is this true? 3years 45 units? or how many hours?

    • Matt Vera

      Hello Rosana,
      Yes, the this is one of the priorities of the new BON. Not sure about the details though. We’ll keep you updated. :)

  • Arlene J.

    Meron din po ba sa PRC ID Renewal sa SM OLONGAPO CITY.??

  • Mark Bunyi

    Just wanted to do a follow up question regarding the renewal of prc license before the birthday. Can you tell me how many days, weeks or month I can renew my license because I’ll be leaving the country exactly on my birthday so, I was wondering how I can get it renewed. Please and thank you for your answer.

    • Matt Vera

      Hi Mark,

      Please read Frequently Asked Questions #8. :)

  • Glenn

    Hi my wife is a licensed teacher her I’d was in a single status how much should she pay if her new status was married? Tnx God bless.

  • jose ephraim tagle

    hello p mag rerenew po ung hipag ko kaso more than 10yrs na hindi na renew nasa abroad po ksi sya…mag kano po ang fee at pano po ang gagawin…

    • Matt Vera


      Please read Frequently Asked Questions #2 and #7.


    SIR, NAGRENEW KC AKO SA SM LIPA APRIL 21, 2014 e napadaan ako sa PRC last 2 weeks e sabi sakin dun e nadeliver na daw yung PRC ID ko. e pag check ko sa SM lipa e wala pa din. halos 2 weeks ko ng finofollow up.. pa check nmn sir kc need ko na tlga…

    • Matt Vera


      Matagal po talaga ang process sa SM Malls. Usually between 30 working days or more po talaga. Ask them to text you if available na for claiming yung ID nio po.

    • aikon organo

      sir kc nagwoworried ako dahil yung mga kasabayan ko sa SM that day e narelease na tapos yung card ko lang ang wala. okay thanks nasabihan ko na yung SM na ifollowup

    • Matt Vera

      Good! You’ll get it soon for sure. :)


      Sir, MAtutulungan nyo ba ako ipafollow up sa PRC if narelease na sa kanila yung card ko. kc from batangas pa po kc ako. thanks. hope for your reply.

    • Matt Vera


      Is this for renewal or registration (first time)? Did you ask PRC to have it mailed to your address?

  • noelle

    Hi..I lost the claim stub for my prc id renewal..What shall I do?

    • Matt Vera

      You should have the receipt for the transaction. Also, do you still have your old PRC id? That could also be one proof.

  • meruem

    hi! is it possible for me to have my PRC ID renewed and for me to have a duplicate copy processed at the same time? thanks!

    • Matt Vera

      By duplicate copy you mean those tiny keychain-like licenses? If yes, those can be made just outside the PRC offices. Those are not official licenses though.

      As for a duplicate of the official license, I think that’s not possible.

  • Ann

    Hi! My elder sister is a nurse and she wanted me to renew her license that was expired last October 2010. What are the requirements for me to prove that I can renew her license? Will I still issue a power of attorney or an authorization letter from my sister?

    • Matt Vera

      Hi Ann,

      According to PRC

      ” **Representatives filing the application and claiming the professional ID in behalf of the professional must present Special Power of Attorney and valid identification of the professional and the representative. “

    • Ann

      So I will present this:
      1. Special Power of Attorney
      2. Valid Identification of my Sister
      3. Valid Identification of myself

      –is this correct? Thanks a lot. :)

    • Matt Vera

      Yes, but protocol may change so please contact PRC for confirmation:

  • howell

    Hi, i’m an architect and my prc license was expired since 2009…can i still renew it?…thanks

    • JJamolin

      2. I’m past my expiration date! Can I still renew?

      Of course, but a penalty fee of 20 pesos per month past the expiration date is due to be paid. If your license is expired for more than five (5) consecutive years, a refresher course is needed. Here’s an excerpt of the article from RA 9173:

      Article V, Section 26.
      “Requirement for Inactive Nurses Returning to Practice. – Nurses who have not actively practiced the profession for five (5) consecutive years are required to undergo one (1) month of didactic training and three (3) months of practicum. The Board shall accredit hospitals to conduct the said training program.”

  • oupadaphic

    i lost my id but that already expired. do i still need to have an afffidavit of loss?

    • Matt Vera


  • Kaye

    Hi! my PRC license will expire this december 2014, can i have it renewed earlier coz i’ll be working abroad this october and my papers need to be lodge this june. Thanks! =)

    • Matt Vera

      I think you’ll have to contact PRC for that. You can reach them at: (632) 3100026

  • Mark

    Is there an express procedure or a fee paid to have the ID renewed faster?thanks

    • Matt Vera

      If you will renew in PRC office, you’ll get it within the day (no more than an hour of processing on some cases). If you will renew in SM Business Centers, you’ll get it after 30 working days.

    • Mark

      Thanks Matt, how about the PRC ID, how long will it take to get it if processed in PRC Office.. God bless

    • Matt Vera

      Hello Mark,
      You’ll get it on the same day :)

  • mai

    Hi, my husband lost his prc id years ago, are the requirements the same if he will get a new one? I called prc and was told ( probably by the operator) to bring only a passport pic, auth letter since i will process it for him and payment. Processing will take 10 days.. is this true? Im trying to call again but no one is answering. thank you!

  • Tin Bumiltac (@tinthin)

    Good day! My wallet got stolen yesterday, including my license and other IDs inside. I need it for my job as a nurse in the hospital. It will expire on November of this year. Should I apply for a renewal of PRC ID instead of a replacement? Thank you so much for your response.

    • jared

      If you really need it on you daily business, all you can do is to replace it for you to have a new one.
      Bcoz it’s in the policy of renewal the “you can renew your licence in advance only three (3) months before your expiration date”. Hence your license will expire on November 2014(6mos), which is far long from the 3mos. required, so you can’t renew it yet.

  • Paris

    Helpful but here in SM Novaliches they said they will release after 3 months!! Better go to PRC main instead..disappointing!

  • Anonymous Prime

    Thanks for posting this. Very informative.

  • marian

    hi! can i renew my expired PRC license

    • Matt Vera

      Hello marian,

      Of course you can! Just read the article above. :)

  • jenc.

    Can i have my sister renew my license for me? I dont have time.

  • jenc.

    I dont have time to renew my license. Can i have my sister do it for me? Thanks

  • duds

    Is the registration date like the one written on your previous license should also be written in the renewal form or you write the current date of filing?

    • Matt Vera

      Hello Duds,

      All info needed are written in your license. They will also cross-check your info with their system.

  • Gervy Garcia

    regarding the CPE units, is it still required or not? what does “pst! Actually no.” means :).

    • Matt Vera

      It is required but not checked when renewing.

  • Romnick

    can i renew my license this april even though its expiration will be next month??? please help

    • Matt Vera

      Hi Romnick,

      Yes that’s possible. You don’t need to wait for the expiration date/ birth date to renew. :)

    • Carol

      Excuses! I supposed all people asking about PRC ID’S and renewals were all professional. If you could just read the article above so you wont be wasting time asking and commenting. Its OBVIOUSLY written above!!! Just a thought.

    • Matt Vera

      You’re right. ;)

  • Francis

    I am practicing my field outside the country and my PRC Licensed was expired since 2004. Can I renew this to the nearest Philippine embassy?

    • Matt Vera

      Hello Francis,

      Your license is expired since 2004 and that’s around 10 years now. In those cases PRC requires you to take a refresher course (see FAQ #2) and I’m not very sure about the procedure. Else, you can file renewals on any Philippine Embassies.

  • Grace Cruz Favis

    Thank you this is very helpful. I just want to ask if I can renew my lincense before my birthdate. I’m OFW on vacation.

    • Matt Vera

      Hi Grace,
      Yes you can renew even before your birth date. :)

  • mark

    is this renewal also applies to PRC-region 6 (ilo-ilo)? Worst PRC OFFICE…

  • Gem

    This is very helpful. Thank you