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10 Nursing Master’s Degree Programs with the Highest Acceptance Rates

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By Matt Vera BSN, R.N.

The nursing workforce may soon find itself crowded with applicants for nursing jobs that are not enough to accommodate the huge number of future nurses. By the year 2025, it is estimated that almost 3.9 million nurses – full-time and registered – will be competing for a nationwide demand for only 3.5 million job vacancies. This has been reported by the Department of Health & Human Services of the United States.

However, the good news here is that nurses may find themselves shielded from this shortage of job positions by having a Master’s Degree. It is estimated that this subgroup will not have any problems looking for jobs. This is because employment growth for them is expected to rise. For instance, the vacant positions for nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, and nurse anesthetists are expected to increase by 31 percent within ten years, starting from 2014. This is according to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In this regard, a number of schools are helping nearly every aspiring nurse who is interested in obtaining a master’s degree to attain their desired goal. For example, the entire batch of applicants for eight nursing master’s degree programs was accepted in the fall of the past year, 2015. This includes the programs offered by Regis University and Clemson University. These programs garnered the highest acceptance rates from among 228 educational institutions which submitted their enrollment data to the yearly survey of U.S. News.

Among these eight schools, the number of applicants on average was 42. A lot of the institutions that had the lowest acceptance rates, including University of North Carolina (Charlotte campus) and Seattle University, accepted only 21percent out of all their applicants. They also had a much larger applicant pool. For instance, Seattle University had 344 applicants, while the University of North Carolina Charlotte campus had 298 applicants.

The 10 nursing schools in the United States that accepted 100% of their applicants nursing master’s degrees in the fall of 2015 are enumerated below (the bracketed numbers indicate the actual number of accepted applicants in each institution): Clemson University (in South Carolina) [21]; Nebraska Wesleyan University [45]; Northwestern State University of Louisiana [103]; Prairie View A & M University (in Texas) [33]; Regis University (in Colorado) [52]; Southeastern Louisiana University [38]; University of Central Arkansas [23]; and the University of North Carolina at Pembroke [22]. Next in line are Monmouth University, which accepted 98.8% of their applicants [80]; and the University of Kansas, which accepted 97.9% of their applicants [47].

The fact that fewer than 30 applicants applied for these nursing master’s degree programs in some schools may account for the high acceptance rate, as there have been over 97 percent of applicants accepted in the top schools for this category. U.S. News used certain criteria for its numerical ranking, and unranked schools that did not meet these criteria were not included in their report. The data published by U.S. News is considered the most detailed and most accurate facts and fig

Matt Vera, a registered nurse since 2009, leverages his experiences as a former student struggling with complex nursing topics to help aspiring nurses as a full-time writer and editor for Nurseslabs, simplifying the learning process, breaking down complicated subjects, and finding innovative ways to assist students in reaching their full potential as future healthcare providers.

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