2017 Year of the Healthy Nurse


Nurses are to be the ultimate role models of health and wellness. We are supposed to eat healthy, get plenty of rest and exercise and drink lots of water. Since many of us work 12-shifts at least three days a week, (sometimes 4-6 days a week) and have families and other responsibilities outside of work, it can be difficult to keep up that “perfect nurse” lifestyle. I know I am definitely far from perfect! That’s why the American Nurse Association (ANA) has implemented the 2017 Year of the Healthy Nurse! This is our year to be even more awesome, nurses!

The ANA defines a healthy nurse as one who “…actively focuses on creating and maintaining a balance and synergy of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, personal and professional wellbeing.” We are supposed to be the best role models for our patients. In order to be the best for our patients, we need to be at our healthiest mentally, emotionally, and physically.


Year of the Healthy Nurse ANA

Every month, the ANA will have a new topic for us to explore and tools to improve our health. Also, take a look at the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Grand Challenge. If you’re really feeling motivated, enter the contest to win an awesome prize and be a role model for all of us nurses! Keep up the good work and stay healthy!


I am a full-time registered nurse, wife and new mom. I've recently started writing part-time and I love it! My family is my life. I enjoy spending time with them in my free time.

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