5 Things Nurses Should Never Do


There are, among other no-no’s, five things that nurses should never ever do. The first and most popular one is to never say, “IT’S QUIET!” It starts a cascade of call-offs, admissions, new patients, discharges, transfers; in other words, pure chaos, and pandemonium. Nurse Sean Dent shares a few more:

The second thing nurses absolutely shouldn’t do is related to the first: never say “I’M BORED!” The very minute you say those words, the same consequence as that of no-no number one occurs: the exact opposite of a boring situation happens!

Number three: NEVER give your confused patient your NAME. Or at least, don’t give out your REAL name! Or at the very least, just tell them to call you “nurse.” Anyone that’s been around for a while will understand this. A dementia patient, a confused patient, ALWAYS deserves your CO-WORKER’S name! Especially the co-worker you particularly hate! Once they fixate on a name, it’s the only name they’ll call, and they will call and SCREAM that name non-stop!


Fourth no-no: Never say that you actually have plans later, after your shift. This is the sick cousin of the first two no-no’s above. Never say out loud that you have a social life after work, and that you have a date or whatever when your shift is done.

And lastly, never, ever EVER answer your phone on your day off!!! Once you answer your phone, you’re going to have to explain yourself to your boss.

We could think of thirty more no-no’s that will make your nursing career at least slightly survivable, but these five are the absolute top notchers. Keep them in mind.

Celine Francisco is a registered nurse/freelance writer/content strategist/teacher who found her niche in crafting human interest stories, creative non-fiction, and business. Believing in the power of the mind, she loves to tinker with the impossible and turn it into the simplest masterpiece.