‘A World Without Nurses’: What Would It Be Like?


Sometimes, the best way to appreciate the significance of a person is to imagine your world without them in it. And as we celebrate National Nurses Week 2015, let’s take a minute to acknowledge the role of nurses in our society, in our world.

Produced by Australian healthcare education company Ausmed Education, the 3-minute inspirational video shares a perspective on what the world would be like if there were no nurses. It offers a beautiful snapshot of a few of the many, many reasons why nurses are so in demand and significant. The short clip, however, breaks down and provides an outlook on the global to national health needs and where nurses fit in as holistic health care providers.


And by this, all together, we celebrate #‎NursesWeek2015 with the theme “Ethical Practice. Quality Care.”

Visit this link and use the cover photos and profile pictures to show your support! Don’t forget to also use the hashtags‪#‎ProudToBeANurse‬ and‪#‎ThankYouNurse.


Let us know how proud you are as a nurse. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!


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