Amazing ‘Cat Nurse’ Comforts Sick Animals at Polish Shelter

Cats Aren't So Cold after All!


A black cat named Rademenes proved that compassion is contagious.

The green-eyed moggy was brought and rescued to an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland, after he contracted a serious upper respiratory infection.

Though he was in a terrible condition, this little black cat was not ready to give up on life yet, and survived. Radamenes regained his strength and began to realize his purpose.

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Rademenes returned the favor by helping other animals at the shelter to recover – just like a doting nurse would.

He cuddles, massages, and sometimes assist them in cleaning their wounds.

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Rademenes comforts the strays after surgery and even licks their ears.

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He’s extra-friendly with animals that had serious operations.

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The acts of kindness and compassion were witnessed by the shelter’s staff, and the veterinarians humorously claimed he’s a full-time nurse.

Watch the video.

‘Nurse Cat’ has become a local attraction when people have begun visiting him at the shelter. Vet Lucyna Kuziel-Zawalich took care of him and eventually adopted him as a permanent member of the animal hospital.

Animals are amazing creatures, and Rademenes just showed everyone a great and heartwarming “pay it forward” story.

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