Awesome Nurses Sing ‘Let It Go’ to Lift Spirits of Girl Undergoing Chemotherapy

In another sequel to nurses doing good deeds to the world, a group of nurses sing ‘Let It Go’ to a brave little girl going through chemotherapy.

Three-year-old Millie McColl was diagnosed in June of this year with stage 4 neuroblastoma, a form of cancer that affects specialized nerve cells.

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While working a late shift, the group of six nurses decided to have some fun with Millie to keep her spirits up while she goes through chemotherapy. One nurse sits on the foreground to sing with Millie, while others perform a synchronized dance on the background.

Capturing the performance on camera, the nurses handed Millie a microphone for her to sing along to.

The clip has been published on the Millie’s Journey Facebook page, captioned as: “So this didn’t quite go as I had pictured in my head but we all had fun and as always Millie is showing chemo won’t bring her down!! I must thank the lovely girls from the night shift last night in schiehallion for being good sports and making Millie’s day! You are all amazing!!”

Millie’s mum Lynsey has started a JustGiving page to raise funds for the treatment her daughter must receive in the US, as it is not yet available in the UK.

“Unfortunately the reality of this type and stage of cancer is that there is around an 80% chance the cancer will return and there is not yet a protocol of treatment for relapsed neuroblastoma in the UK,” the page reads.

So far, the JustGiving page has raised a total of £11,165 of a pledged target of £100,000. Please use the link above, if you’d like to donate.

The info concludes with the message: “We are confident she will beat this!”

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