‘Brokenhearted’ Nurse Shares How Miserable It Is To be One


“Worst decision ever made,” this is one of the remarks going around social media today from Support for Nurses, Midwives and Frontline Staff in Ireland’s social media page. It describes how they had enjoyed their career in a miserable way, being frantically honest on how they feel and what they were experiencing.


Several commentators have seen the post about the so-called heartless truths about a student nurse’s strenuous workload and low pay. This thread had gone viral that it was able to gather thousands of prompting comments and reactions all around the globe.

As the post continues:

“Words cannot express how miserable I was today and have been on so many occasions in the past. If anyone asked me advice on pursuing a career in nursing, I would strongly advise against it. It is far by the worst decision I have ever made… I can barely feed my daughter and cannot pay my care tax/insurance, my electricity, and I often stay freezing cold in the winter because I can’t afford to put the heating on.”


It’s the moment when the stressed nurse realized how difficult it was, for those times she had broken down and cried thinking if she could bring back the moment she had chosen a degree in nursing. It’s like the instances that she woke up with a terrible headache, aching with vertigo and with a sore throat. Thinking that this might be a reasonable excuse for a day off, she attempted informing the department head, but the hospital is already lacking with workforce and needed a lot of effort from their staff to do some extra work. So instead of taking a day off, or less workload for the day, they needed her.

“I’m going to be honest. I’ve had enough. I can’t do this job anymore. It’s absolute torture. The pressure is just too much. And our patients are suffering…”

There was a really hard time when the nurse supposedly on scheduled for the day phoned to inform her that the nurse won’t be in due to fever. So having limited knowledge and skill to maintain tasks and duties for the department, she need to pull herself up and start sorting the responsibilities given to her shoulders that day: being held responsible for 20 or so patients with mental illness.

She wrote the post to help the world realize how nurses are struggling with all the workload and low pay, being so depressed of becoming a student nurse in HSE. Thus, she would strongly advise anyone to rethink on pursuing a nursing career most especially in Ireland.

Nurses and anyone in the medical field with their families deserve to receive a quality of life, a state of living they are working for. Who would care for the ill, and help those who are in need of care if nurses will leave their work and pursue a different career? Who then will look after the elderly and ill? Will the aristocrats from the government give them care if the nurses are gone?


Celine Francisco is a registered nurse/freelance writer/content strategist/teacher who found her niche in crafting human interest stories, creative non-fiction, and business. Believing in the power of the mind, she loves to tinker with the impossible and turn it into the simplest masterpiece.
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