Careisma by Sofia Vergara Giveaway! Three Winners of Scrub Set of Your Choice!


Now this is exciting! Our friends from Careisma by Sofia Vergara are sponsoring a giveaway for our readers this Nurses Week 2016!

Careisma is a collection of a medical apparel that is fashionable, fearless, and feminine. These scrubs are colorful, flattering, and distinctive, reflecting the allure and personality of entertainment icon, Sofia Vergara.

Careisma by Sofia Vergara is designed to bring more personality and style to medical apparel. I’ve always admired nurses and healthcare workers. You represent the best in all of us, working tirelessly to help us through some of the most challenging times in our lives.
– Sofia Vergara

Three lucky winners of these fashional scrubs by celebrity Sofia Vergara. Get a chance to win through the raffle widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Promo ends on May 12, 2016. Winners are announced below!

Careisma Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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