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Articles about the life of a nurse. Fun and witty articles about the culture and lifestyle of nursing.

95 of the Funniest Nursing Memes and Nurse eCards

Overdose yourself with 95 of these funny nursing eCards and memes.
5 Things Patients Do That Annoy Nurses

5 Things Patients Do That Annoy Nurses

Some patients are outright disrespectful and some don't realize they are making our work more difficult.

8 Inspiring Prayers for Nurses

We nurses have our spiritual needs too! Here are 8 inspirational nursing prayers to help you be motivated and directed.

10 Signs That You’re a Nurse

get those pens and papers and check if you are indeed one of the angels of the sick room.

12 Things Nurses Should Consider in Choosing Scrubs

Here are a few things that you should know about selecting the right scrubs.

6 Nurses Week Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Just how much do we know about Nurses Week? We dug down our history books and found these six intriguing and interesting facts about nurses week you probably didn't know.

106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses

Nurses are indeed the backbone of the medical field. They're on the front lines every day, dealing with the heart of each patient’s issues, while ensuring that they feel comfortable and secure every step of the way.
10 Power Tips for Nurses to Stay Healthy

10 Power Tips for Nurses to Stay Healthy

We nurses are the beacon of health advocating a healthy lifestyle and teaching our patients the tips and tricks of staying healthy. But sometimes, we resort to unhealthy vices that in turn question our credibility in providing care.

7 Tips on How to Look Great in Your Nursing Scrubs

Who says that fashion and style are only tied up to a certain profession?
25 Pick Up Lines for Nurses

25 of the Best Pick Up Lines for Nurses (Part 1)

We list down 25 of the best Nurse Pick Up Lines for you to enjoy!