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Articles about the life of a nurse. Fun and witty articles about the culture and lifestyle of nursing.


12 Nursing Home Seniors Dress Up As Hollywood Stars for Calendar Project

Men and women of a nursing home in Germany transformed to recreate 12 movie classics in a calendar project.

Nursing: Treating People Beyond Medications

We have all had our bitter experiences in a hospital; sometimes for simple accidents, sometimes for infection or fevers or even for some minor surgery. But no matter what the reason may be, almost all of us would instantly agree that the factor that brought us back to good health, more than the medications, was nursing.

Charlotte’s Web: How Marijuana Helped Stop a Child’s Severe Seizures

This is Charlotte Figi and she had her first seizure when she was 3 months old.

8 Inspiring Prayers for Nurses

We nurses have our spiritual needs too! Here are 8 inspirational nursing prayers to help you be motivated and directed.

“Nursing Process Mob Dance” by San Pedro College Davao City

San Pedro College Nursing Department presents the "Nursing Process Mob Dance."

26 of the Funniest Charting Errors Found on Actual Patients’ Medical Charts

Admit it, we commit errors and no one is perfect. In nursing, a charting an error may spell doom to your patient, a scolding from your supervisor or an hysterical laugh from your colleagues.

From Smile to Smile: Bodie’s Story

This is the story of Bodie Dean Gannaway. He was born on June 7, 2011 with a Tetralogy of Fallot.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture

Our postures consist of proper sitting, standing and sleeping. These are daily activities that most people are unfortunately taking for granted that causes injuries and body pains. Prevention is better than cure as they say, so here are simple ways on how to improve our posture.

Barry Marshall drank a petri dish containing cultured H. pylori cause ulcers

To clear the skepticism and demonstrate that H. pylori can indeed cause ulcers ans gastritis, Barry Marshall drank a beaker of H. pylori culture and became ill within a few days later. An endoscopy ten days after inoculation revealed signs of gastritis and the presence of H. pylori.

Medical Tattoos – More Alerting than MedBands?

Medical Tattoos are becoming more common today instead of wearing a standard medical alert bracelets.


Total Parenteral Nutrition Nursing Care Plans

4 Total Parenteral Nutrition Nursing Care Plans

The major goals for the patient undergoing total parental nutrition may include improvement of nutritional status, maintaining fluid balance, and absence of complications.