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8 Useful Websites & Programs for Student Nurses

There are various web applications and programs here online and on your computer that we use everyday as we struggle to finish our case studies or striving to finish our theses.

ClearRx: Reinventing the Design of Pill Bottles

It all started with a strong dose of common sense.

The Mule

1993, New York. The elderly Filipino woman was shaking when she was brought by the EMS paramedic to Triage. Her eyes were shifty and anxious. She clutched my hand, pleading in silence.

10 Things You Should Never Say or Do to a Stroke Patient (According to...

People are funny, and I don't mean in a ha-ha sort of way. They could be neurotic, bi-polar, obsessive-compulsive, anxious, or agoraphobic, just to name a few types. Some of the ones who came to visit me had their own type: dysfunctional-when-meeting-a-stroke-patient.

106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses

Nurses are indeed the backbone of the medical field. They're on the front lines every day, dealing with the heart of each patient’s issues, while ensuring that they feel comfortable and secure every step of the way.
Stay Positive

12 Tips on How to Stay Positive While (still) Unemployed

Despite all those facts (ouch). There are still many reasons to smile about. Here are some tips on how to stay positive while looking for employment.

10 Useful iOS and Android Applications for Nurses

In an era where smartphones are commonplace for us, application (or apps) developers have developed tons of apps for different jobs and careers. Lucky for us, a lot of these cool apps are in the health care section! Here are a list of helpful apps for nurses found in the Apple App Store:
St. Lukes Medical Center

The Best Hospital in the Philippines?

Try to guess what hospital is this and decide yourself if this is the best hospital in the Philippines.


4 Aortic Aneurysm Nursing Care Plan

4 Aortic Aneurysm Nursing Care Plan

Nursing care plan for clients with an aortic aneurysm is to modify risk factors, controlling the BP to prevent strain on the aneurysm, recognizing symptoms early, and preventing the occurrence of a rupture.