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Common Nursing Slang and Code Words

20 Nursing Slang and Code Words

Here are some of the most common nursing slang terms and codes!
Nursing Issues That Still Persists Nurses Today

6 Persistent Nursing Issues and Challenges We Still Can’t Solve

Nursing has come a very, very long way in the past century. However, some of the challenges highlighted by nurse leaders in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, still face the profession a century later even though their exact nature might be somewhat different.

A Tribute to Hospice Nurses

"You smile as I enter the room to check on you for the hour. You mumble that you’re not in pain, but I see the pain on your face as I reposition you."
5 Ways You Can Deal with Lazy Nurse Co-Workers

5 Ways You Can Deal with Lazy Nurse Co-Workers

It’s incredibly frustrating to see your co-nurses slacking off and leaving the other nurses to pick up after them.
Tribute to Oncology Nurses

A Tribute to Oncology Nurses

Thank you, oncology nurses for the impact you have not only on your patients but on families.

7 Secrets To Achieving Better Work-Life Balance As a Nurse

In line with this year’s Nurses Week, with the theme “Nursing: the Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit”, here are some great tips you can use to keep up with the demands of your work without compromising your well-being.
Tensed male nurse sitting on staircase

Feeling Pressured? 5 Ways Nurses Can Say No

Before you agree to another demand, here are five tips on how nurses can say no.
Emergency Nurses

A Tribute to Emergency Room Nurses

"At that moment, my son was your son. Your feet weren’t aching. Your stomach wasn’t growling, and your bladder wasn’t bursting."
Mother Holding Newborn

A Tribute to Labor and Delivery and NICU Nurses

There are no words to thank you enough. You may not remember my name, but I will never forget yours.
Men in Nursing: What Was It Like During the 1900's?

Men in Nursing: What Was It Like During the 1900’s?

Two nurses share their experiences on what was it like being a nurse during the 1900's.