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Creative and jump-packed infographics about health, nursing and medicine.

How Nursing Leadership Styles Can Impact Patient Outcomes: An Infographic

Like any workplace, the quality and approach of a leader can have a substantial impact on the quality of work that employees deliver.

Do Female Nurses Suffer From a Lack of Senior Opportunities in the UK?

The 'Assessing the Lack of Senior Opportunities for Women in Nursing' report shows research around the gender imbalance in the healthcare sector and stats on opportunities for women in this field given the competitive gender pay gap.

Tomorrow’s Nurse: Emerging Technologies Nurses Need to Know

New technologies coupled with medical advances means the state of health care will always be changing---and nurses will need to know and use these emerging technologies.

How Nurses Save Lives with Preventative Services: An Infographic

Americans could save billions of dollars annually in health care costs per year if they would follow preventative health care practices.

Why Nurses Are Essential to Delivering Cost-Effective Care: An Infographic

Nurses play an important role in the US healthcare sector because they handle medication-related tasks, communicate with patients and doctors and perform ward-related activities.

Nurse Practitioner: 6 Awesome Reasons Why Become One

If you are looking for the chance for more autonomy by being able to set up your own clinic, or become more involved in holistic patient-centered care, becoming a Nurse Practitioner may be the career path for you.

To Save on Costs, Hire More Nurses: An Infographic

Let us look at what could happen in case a hospital decided to go against the grain and actually hire more nurses as suggested by some studies.

9 Habits of Highly Effective Nurses: An Infographic

Take a look at this infographic if you want to be the best nurse you possibly can.

Implementing Electronic Health Records (EHRs): An Infographic

Electronic health records (EHRs) are becoming increasingly widespread due to a host of benefits including improved care coordination and quality, higher efficiency, and even government subsidies.

How Baby Boomers Will Impact the Nursing Shortage: An Infographic

The Baby Boomer generation is getting older, and as they age the number of those with chronic conditions is going to multiply. Aging Boomers will require an unprecedented number of health care professionals trained to treat and provide care for these individuals.