Ida Jean Orlando

Ida Jean Orlando

Ida Jean Orlando was a known psychiatric nurse, theorist and researcher who developed the "Deliberate Nursing Process Theory."
Florence Nightingale Environmental Theory

Environmental Theory of Florence Nightingale

The Environmental Theory by Florence Nightingale defined Nursing as “the act of utilizing the environment of the patient to assist him in his recovery.”

Madeleine M. Leininger – The Founder of Transcultural Nursing

Madeleine Leininger was the developer of the concept of transcultural nursing that has a great impact on how to deal with patients of different culture and cultural background.
Faye G. Abdellah

Faye G. Abdellah – Pioneer of 21 Nursing Problems

Faye Glenn Abdellah is a pioneer in nursing research who developed the "Twenty-One Nursing Problems."

Sister Callista Roy’s Adaptation Model of Nursing

The Adaptation Model of Nursing is a prominent nursing theory aiming to explain or define the provision of nursing science.

Dorothea E. Orem

Dorothea Elizabeth Orem (July 15, 1914 - June 22, 2007) was one of America's foremost nursing theorists who developed the Self-Care Nursing Theory, also known as the Orem Model of Nursing.

Hildegard E. Peplau – Psychiatric Nurse of the Century

Hildegard Peplau was a nurse theorist well-known for her Theory of Interpersonal Relations.

Sister Callista L. Roy

Sister Callista Roy (born October 14, 1939) is a nursing theorist, profession, and author. She is known for her groundbreaking work in creating the Adaptation Model of Nursing.

Dorothy E. Johnson’s Behavioral System Model

Dorothy E. Johnson proposed the Behavioral System Model Nursing Theory in 1968.

Florence Nightingale – The Lady With The Lamp

Discover the life and works of Florence Nightingale, the mother of modern-day nursing.