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A collection of nursing videos from around the web for nurses to enjoy and learn! It’s like Netflix for nurses.


Awesome Nurses Sing ‘Let It Go’ to Lift Spirits of Girl Undergoing Chemotherapy

A group of nurses makes the day of a three-year-old little girl.

‘If It Weren’t For You’ A Parody Song Dedicated to the SimMan

Watch and listen the music below and find out how long can you last without laughing.

‘Here’s to Nurses’: A Tribute to the Profession

This 3-minute video is for everyone especially to our valued nurses, nursing educators, nursing students, nursing researchers, and individuals who support the nursing profession.
Nurses Review Nursing Costumes for Halloweenvideo

Nurses Try Out Nurse Halloween Costumes…And Hated Them!

BuzzFeed gathered a group of nurses and get them to try some sexy Halloween nurse costumes and see what they thought of them.
NICU in a tearful reunion with the babies she saved.video

Watch This NICU Nurse in a Tearful Reunion With Babies She Saved

Watch This NICU Nurse in a Tearful Reunion With Babies She Saved. Get Your Tissues Ready!

Nurse Duets ‘Love Is an Open Door’ from ‘Frozen’ With This Sweet Little Girl

Nurse snags an impromptu duet with a little girl with cancer.
Simple Tips on How to Get Accurate Blood Pressure Readingvideo

7 Simple Tips to Get Accurate Blood Pressure Reading

The procedure on how to obtain a reading is almost inbred in every nurse, but how does one obtain an accurate blood pressure?

4-Year-Old Girl Battling Cancer ‘Marries’ Her Favorite Nurse in New York

A 4-year-old girl battling cancer got to "marry" the man of her dreams—her favorite nurse!

‘Nurse’ Viciously Beats Newborn Baby

As members of the healthcare field, it is our noble duty to care for everyone be it young or old. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for one midwife in a neonatal ward at Sofiamed Hospital in Bulgaria.

Opera Singer Performs During His Own Brain Surgery

Opera singer Ambrož Bajec-Lapajne sings while undergoing craniotomy. Watch this video!