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A collection of nursing videos from around the web for nurses to enjoy and learn! It’s like Netflix for nurses.


Ultimate Nurse Mannequin Challenge

This mannequin challenge is massive and hits close to home!

Tribute to Nurses Throughout Time: Looking Back at Our History Together

Today, and moving forward, let us celebrate that nurses exists.
People Guess The Meanings Of Popular Nursing Slangvideo

People Guess the Meanings of Popular Nursing Slang

In this video, non-medical people guess the meanings of some of these slang terms. It’s funny to watch different people guess at the meanings of the terms. None of them guess correctly!

Nurse on a Date

Nurses are highly committed to their jobs. They work long and exhausting shifts, and quite regularly there are many hours on top of this - when they can’t get away or have to work overtime.

Miss Colorado Performs a Nurse Monologue at 2016 Miss America Pageant

Skipping the typical and expected song numbers, energetic dance routines, and jaw-dropping magic tricks, this beauty queen managed to blow the minds and hearts of the audience of Miss America's 86th beauty pageant.
Nurse Michael Ketterer’s Touching and Triumphant Performance in America’s Got Talentvideo

Nurse Michael Ketterer’s Touching and Triumphant Performance in America’s Got Talent

Michael Ketterer, a pediatric mental health nurse, was awarded the Golden Buzzer after a show-stopping performance during America’s Got Talent auditions.

Jimmy Fallon Expresses Gratitude to Doctors and Nurses

Jimmy Fallon thanks his doctors and nurses after a grueling hand injury that puts him in the ICU for 10 days.
Lawrence O'Donnell's Tribute to Nursesvideo

Listen to Lawrence O’Donnell’s Touching Tribute to Nurses

In his show The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, the news anchor recounted the details of his accident and paid tribute to the nurses and doctors who had cared for him.
5 Absolute Nevers in Nursing

5 Things Nurses Should Never Do

Sean Dent shares five things that nurses should never ever do or say.