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A collection of nursing videos from around the web for nurses to enjoy and learn! It’s like Netflix for nurses.


Nursing Beyond Nurses: Celebrating Health Care Support Workers

How often do we stop to think about how healthcare support workers help to make our lives as nurses, and those of our patients, easier? 
Nurses Are Much More Than a Hand to Holdvideo

WATCH: Nurses Are Much More than a Hand to Hold – They Innovate, Inspire,...

It's the fifth month of the year 2018 and it's time once again to celebrate National Nurses Week!

Ultimate Nurse Mannequin Challenge

This mannequin challenge is massive and hits close to home!

Affording Nursing School and School Loans

Nurse Sean gives us a few money pointers when it comes to nursing school and needing loans.

Why I Chose to Be a Nurse and Not a Doctor

YouTuber Ashley Adkins, RN lists several reasons why she chose to be a nurse instead of a doctor.
WATCH: Last Day of Nursing Schoolvideo

Last Day of Nursing School

The video below is a new nurse’s documentation of his last day of nursing school
WATCH: Doc Vader on "Safety Regulations"video

Doc Vader on “Safety Regulations”

Darth Vader as…a radiology technician?
VIDEO: Nurses Do the Mannequin Challenge!

Nurses Do The Mannequin Challenge!

The viral mannequin challenge has frozen the world of internet and now, a group of nurses nailed the fleeting internet sensation.
5 Absolute Nevers in Nursing

5 Things Nurses Should Never Do

Sean Dent shares five things that nurses should never ever do or say.
Viral Video about a Patient Flirting With Her Nurse Circulates Online

Viral Video about a Patient Flirting With Her Nurse Circulates Online

A video is circulating online and has gone viral, reaching more than half a million views after only having been posted for less than three months.