A collection of nursing videos from around the web for nurses to enjoy and learn! It’s like Netflix for nurses.

zDoggMD's Low: A Parody of the ER That Will Get You Crazy!

zDoggMD’s Low: A Parody of the ER That Will Get You Crazy!

Overworked and most likely underpaid, we’re all “burned out like a toaster.” But with a little teamwork, “clinic got flow flow flow…”
Surgeon and Nurse Dances While Performing Surgeryvideo

Surgeon and Nurse Dances While Performing Surgery

A doctor and nurse that were captured on camera laughing and dancing to pop music while doing surgery.
Secrets of an Efficient Nursevideo

Secrets of an Efficient Nurse

Ashley Adkins, RN shares tips on how to be an efficient nurse!

More Than Just A Nurse

This is a story of a remarkable nurse-patient relationship that will boost the pride of every nurse that did the same for their patients.
It's A Nurse: A Mother's Heartfelt Letter to Nurses That Moved Me to Tearsvideo

It’s A Nurse: A Mother’s Heartfelt Letter to Nurses That Moved Me to Tears

It’s a Nurse was written by a grieving mother to pay tribute to nurses for caring for her son.
What I Have Learned From Nursingvideo

What I Have Learned From Nursing

In this video, a Nurse Stephen shares what he has learned through his experiences.
People Guess The Meanings Of Popular Nursing Slangvideo

People Guess the Meanings of Popular Nursing Slang

In this video, non-medical people guess the meanings of some of these slang terms. It’s funny to watch different people guess at the meanings of the terms. None of them guess correctly!

Things Nursing Students Don’t Say

Students and faculty of the University of New Mexico’s School of Nursing put together a video entitled ‘Things Nursing Students Don’t Say,’ to entertain nursing students and nurses alike.

Everyone Matters: A Plea for Compassion for Healthcare Staff

Healthcare staff may not say it out loud, but they, too, need care and attention. This is what the video entitled “Everyone Matters” tells us.