Giveaway: Celebrating ‘The Joy of Nursing: Reclaiming Our Nobility’


We have all read books that surprise us in their power to inspire. At one time or another, most people have come into contact with a nurse, whether it’s because they have been sick or injured, or a friend has related an experience they had with a nurse or someone they know has chosen to work in health care.

Juliana Adams
Juliana Adams

Releasing just in time for National Nurses Week, “The Joy of Nursing: Reclaiming Our Nobility” (May 1, 2016) reveals Juliana Adams’ journey from being a young, excited girl just starting out in her career to a woman feeling challenged to discover a deeper meaning of what being a nurse has embodied for centuries. Adams’ book is more than a memoir; it is the candid reflection of the search for what ultimately led her to the concept of nobility.

“To be a nurse you have to be tough and you have to be gentle,” according to Adams. One mistake can be life threatening. Nurses are the safety net in an ever increasingly complex system of health care – a commitment that nurses hold sacred.


Adams doesn’t shy away from revealing struggles in health care. Outdated stereotypes remain. Her minute to minute, decade to decade reflections is shared in the voice of a passionate storyteller. Her book was originally written for those interested in nursing but as it traverses the terrain of illness, healing and health, Adams has a message to all. Readers will feel present with Adams as she makes them laugh, cry and feel a greater excitement and richness to the person who walks into their hospital room and says, “Hello, my name is Juliana, and I am here to make things better for you.”

For anyone considering becoming a nurse and for those currently in the profession, Adams’ selection of patient stories and real life events will promote and validate why they wanted to be a nurse in the first place. For those who have become disillusioned, “The Joy of Nursing” has the power to reinvigorate their passion for nursing.

You can also purchase this book via Amazon, a perfect gift for nurses!

Nurses Week Giveaway

Juliana Adams’ team was kind enough to provide us two copies of her latest book to be given to our readers this Nurses Week! All you have to do is answer this question: “What makes nursing a joyful and/or a noble profession?” Type in your answers in the comment box below (you need to be registered to sign up).


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  1. What makes nursing a joy and/or noble profession? It is simply the helping hand you extend to a person, their relative, friend, spouse, and/or significant other during their time of need. Assisting that client through their time of trial physically, mentally, holistically – communicating and networking with the healthcare team to provide their optimum level of functioning makes it noble and joyful. Bringing that smile to their face even at their lowest point in life. Being there for them when no one else is. Nursing is not a job, it is a career for dedicated, sincere, and genuinely loving persons. I could go on and on ……:) I LOVE BEING A NURSE:)

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