CHED Orders Closure of 218 Nursing Schools


CHED orders closures of 218 nursing schools for having below average performance in NLE and have failed to meet government regulations on the quality of their faculty and facilities.

A total of 218 out of 491 nursing programs and schools have been ordered to discontinue or closed down by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) after consistently having a below average performance in the licensure examinations said CHED executive director, Atty Julito Vitriolo.

But Vitriolo declined to divulge the names of the schools since some cases are still on appeal.

Of the 218, 77 institutions have appealed their cases.

In line with the crackdown on substandard higher education institutions (HEIs), CHED is also monitoring the performance of HEIs in Marine Engineering (51 out of 91 HEIs have been ordered closed down) and Marine Transportation (44 out of 91 HEIs) have been ordered closed down).

Vitriolo said these schools have failed to meet government regulations on the quality of their faculty and facilities.

He added that some schools choose courses because these are popular or because these require a minimal investment, even if the quality is not assured.

CHED is also monitoring the performance of HEIs in the following academic programs which have been placed under moratorium: Criminology, Teacher Education, Information Technology, Business Administration and Hotel and Restaurant Management.

This means that because there are too many schools offering these courses, they can no longer be offered by new institutions.

Since CHED cannot release the list of HEIs they’re currently monitoring, students and parents are just advised to call the CHED hotline at 441-1228 during office hours to inquire about the status of the school they have enrolled in.

Source: ABS-CBN News

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