Why I Chose to Be a Nurse and Not a Doctor

“Why don’t you want to be a doctor?” That is a question I, and many of you, have been asked many times. The fact is, we choose to be a nurse, just like this young lady.

In her video, YouTuber Ashley Adkins, RN lists several reasons why she chose to be a nurse instead of a doctor. Even though she was one of the smartest students in her high school graduating class, and had the encouragement of family and friends, she wanted to be at the bedside. Being a nurse is right for her. Being a nurse is right for many of us.

We, as nurses, can relate to her reasons for wanting to be a nurse. It’s not just about the money or the recognition. Nursing is who we are.

YouTube video

I am a full-time registered nurse, wife and new mom. I've recently started writing part-time and I love it! My family is my life. I enjoy spending time with them in my free time.

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