This is an examination about the concepts of Community Health Nursing and Public Health Nursing in the Philippines. Test your wits with this 15-item examination that tackles topics like: Nursing Laws, Herbal Medicines, and History of Community Health Nursing.


  • Herbal plants
  • Public Health Nursing
  • Micronutrient Supplementation
  • Bag Technique


  • All questions will be shown.
  • Your scores will be shown after you have finished the quiz.
  • Rationales or explanations are given after.
  • Be sure to read the rationales as they will further enhance your knowledge.
  • Read each question carefully and always choose the best answer.
  • To add to the challenge, you are given one minute per question. A total of 15 minutes for this exam.
  • If you are ready, press the START button below.


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      • Thanks..

        Ganda ng site na to' very informative.. :D

        Kung over 100 po yung each exam, dapat po ba 50/100 per NP ako to be able to pass??

        More power to this site..

      • I'm not sure about the scoring system ha? Pero I know dapat sa isang test you should obtain atleast 60% to pass and a general average of 75% (for all the 5 tests)to be an RN.

        Hope that helps! Thank you so much for the comment ;)