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In celebration of the success of Nurseslabs’ first giveaway, NurseWatches.com is offering a discount off their great and stylish nurse watches. Simply enter the coupon code NLSAVE25 for an awesome 25% discount! Want something more awesome? Promo is valid until October 31st.

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Also, congratulation to the 20 winners of our giveaway!

Day 1 (October 7) 

  • Aileen M. D.
  • Susan L.
  • Sharyl S.
  • Christina B.

Day 2 (October 8)

  • Niki Whitman
  • Melanie Baker
  • Angela Abel
  • Michele Adams

Day 3 (October 9)

  • DeAna Botta
  • Tegan Pace
  • Dawn Carter-Credille
  • Liberty Roces Bolante

Day 4 (October 10)

  • Carla Biadoma
  • Fhai Escio
  • Lori Dixon Cisek
  • Matthew J Bombace

Day 5 (October 11)

  • Bessie Calingacion Diputado
  • Cortnie Laush
  • Angela Sansone
  • Latoya Mayo
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