Dear Nurses: Doctor-Rapper ‘ZDoggMD’ Pays Tribute to Nurses


It’s not every day that you get to hear a rap about nurses’ life, specifically an appreciation of their acts of kindness and compassion for patients and even doctors. This is what Dr. Zubin Damania, a.k.a. ZDoggMD just did as he sang “Dear Nurses”.

Heart and Soul of Medicine

Recognizing how nurses are essential to the healthcare team, “Dear Nurses” emphasized the way such healthcare professionals need to be appreciated for their hard work.

Dr. Damania even reiterated when he was in med school and how he was overwhelmed by the number of patients in the ward. Despite that, he wondered how they have survived. He then realized that the nurses saved them from exhaustion. Nurses, according to him, managed to provide customer service like that in a five-star hotel.

Upon graduating, his perspectives changed. There were times when he noticed nurses getting blamed for a lot of mishaps. He’d see nurses get groped, shouted at, and basically disrespected. However, these nurses still exude professionalism and care for fellow nurses, doctors, and patients. Fair enough?

It’s also a fact that nurses are considered the “heart and soul” of medicine. Why, you ask? Well, without nurses, the whole healthcare services industry would be hampered. Imagine a world without nurses. Would we survive?

How would doctors carry out interventions by themselves? Would they be able to administer medications to all their patients? How about intravenous therapy? Tepid sponge baths? All the other nursing interventions. Who would perform them without the nurse?


Paying Nurses Back

ZDoggMD’s challenge for all is to pay nurses back the way they (we) deserve. Together, doctors, patients, and other healthcare providers and administrators can work hand in hand to make our work and life better as a whole.


He pointed out little yet powerful ways to give back. Improvements on staffing ratios, administration, insurance, and a whole lot more may just work. By doing so, we nurses can definitely get more capable of working the best we can.

About Dr. Damania

Dr. Damania is a web celebrity famous for his parodies, music videos, and comedy sketches on modern medical issues. He is also the Founder and CEO of a health clinic in Las Vegas, Turntable Health.

Damania garnered recognition for his website In fact, he bagged the 2010 Best New Medical Weblog Awards and was even dubbed as “the jolliest doctor on the West Coast” by the Lenovo and Epocrates, the sponsors of the said blog awards. According to them, he is a genuine physician who utilizing YouTube creatively to teach people about hemorrhoids, keeping oneself healthy during vacation, delivering bad news, safe sex, and lots more.

Garnering over 200,000 views as of this writing, the YouTube video shows the doctor’s gratitude to nurses all over the world. Using the melody of “Dear Mama” by 2Pac, the rap was written by ZDoggMD himself.


Matt Vera is a registered nurse with a bachelor of science in nursing since 2009 and is currently working as a full-time writer and editor for Nurseslabs. During his time as a student, he knows how frustrating it is to cram on difficult nursing topics. Finding help online is nearly impossible. His situation drove his passion for helping student nurses by creating content and lectures that are easy to digest. Knowing how valuable nurses are in delivering quality healthcare but limited in number, he wants to educate and inspire nursing students. As a nurse educator since 2010, his goal in Nurseslabs is to simplify the learning process, break down complicated topics, help motivate learners, and look for unique ways of assisting students in mastering core nursing concepts effectively.
  • I want to thank you for giving us notice. We do love what we do but we also get down from all the negativity that a nurse deals with. We need a look at ratios espec in assisted facilities and long term facilities. Assisted living is turning into long term due to The continuity of the residents admin takes in. They use hospice and home health as a reason that it is ok to take people who need more assist then we are supposed to be doing. I’ve been a nurse for ten years. Work in ltc and now assisted living. Not much difference. We need looked at. The pay for most nurses is not enough for they admin expects you to do. At our facility they answer is always yes even when it can’t be so that makes us look bad and like we don’t care. I had a boss tell me no matter what I am doing , even in the middle of a mess pass if a call light goes off then I need to answer it. Again thanks so much for the beautiful song. I felt really proud after I listened to it.

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