Doc Vader on “Safety Regulations”

Everyone loves Star Wars, right? Right. Well, have you ever wondered how a Star Wars character would fare as a health care provider? I know. Scary, huh? But, some characters could also be very humorous. Like, Jar Jar Binks as a chiropractor or Darth Vader as…a radiology technician?

YouTube video

In another hilarious clip by ZDoggMD, “Doc Vader” complains of the hardships of wearing a lead vest to perform an X-ray. According to him, safety regulations do not apply to him! He’s “90% robot.” So, radiation can’t harm him. But, oh wait. Oh, the patient! That may be a problem.  Something tells me that Doc Vader would complain about many things we endure every day and wouldn’t see eye to eye with the Joint Commission.  Sorry, Doc Vader! Patient safety, first!

Here are more Star Wars medical parodies by Doc Vader:

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