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ECG: A Heart-to-Heart Talk

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By Jeini Relova RM, RN

Medically speaking ECG or electrocardiogram, has been one of the mediums used by the medical practitioners to know if the heart is in its homeostasis. It is a graph where the waves of heart can be seen and measured, usually identified by the “contractions” and the “relaxation” of the heart.  [no_toc]

An individual often experiences a bit of abnormality of it undergoes sudden change in lifestyle, diet and other contributing factors. But when it comes to emotions, it can really be something far from its scientific explanation. Just like in love, it can get a bit – TOF (tough).

Me “about to meet” you.

Many people want a healthy heart and have that right beat most of the time. So when it comes to opening your emotion it’s like taking a big leap. Medically speaking this is what we call the normal sinus rhythm, where the heart waves are in its normal state. The only sound that you can hear is “lub-dub”.

Me “seeing” you.

It’s when your body starts to get all giddy and starts to make that adrenaline have a shot. Our hearts starts to palpitate and go beyond the normal. So seeing that person can really make you stutter in no time. This however is the state of our heart under the condition of tachycardia. It is the state where the heart goes in a faster pace.

Me “falling in love with” you.

The part where one’s heart makes a fast sudden pause. It’s like a simple hiccup for the heart and where everything around you starts to move slowly. It is when the heart “skips a bit”, also called preventricular contractions. It usually happens in the ventricles.

Me “getting confused” with you.

It’s when you try to experience anomalies and usually get that angina feeling because you are anxious and depress. This usually can start a serious phase if not easily cope with. So if you’re heart is getting confused it is the arrhythmia phase. The state of the heart where the rhythms are irregular and have an extra whooshing sound. It is where the heart usually experiences “murmurs”.

Me “breaking up with” you.

Having that numb feeling all over start when one is emotionally drained and exhausted, usually takes months up to years to finally revive and go back to normal state. The condition is called, asystole. It is where the heart goes on the state of not having a normal current and conduction going into the valves. It is the state of the heart where it stops beating and an indication of absence of life.

One should take extra good care of it, because our heart is the most fragile thing in this world and just in a snap it can totally take over the whole of us. It would even take tons of care to keep our heart on its sinus rhythms. So take good care of one’s heart. You don’t want to get those emotions “bypass” you.


Jeini Relova is a Registered Midwife and Registered Nurse and one of the contributors of Nurseslabs.

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