Last March 19, 2013, the POEA and  German Federal Employment Agency finalized the the signing of the “Agreement Concerning the Placement of Filipino Health Care Professionals in Employment Positions in the Federal Republic of Germany”. This bilateral labor agreement paves the opening for Filipino registered nurses and other healthcare professionals to be hired in Germany.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and useful information that you’ll need to know if you are interested in applying in Germany.

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What is the coverage of the bilateral labor agreement? 

  • (a) regulation on the deployment of Filipino health care professionals;
  • (b) preservation, promotion, and development of Filipino workers’ welfare;
  • (c) exchange of ideas and information with the aim of improving and simplifying job placement procedures; and
  • (d) other relevant technical and HRD cooperation and continuing studies in labor and employment.

Why is this happening and why only now did Germany opened its doors? 

This bilateral labor agreement provides a government-to-government placement system of Filipino health workers for temporary employment in Germany. This agreement also opened the German health sector to Filipino medical professionals who has been barred from employment in accordance to German laws.

This is expected to address the acute shortage of health care workers in Germany.

Why are they hiring 500 health care professionals only? Will they hire more? 

It depends. For the first year (2013), Germany will only hire 500 nurses and other medical workers, then the program will be reassessed. After the reassessment, lets expect that the German government will hire more.

Who will administer the hiring? 

Only the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and the German Federal Employment Agency, through its International Placement Services, will administer the hiring.

How much will be the salary?

Successful applicants will receive about 1,900 euros or about 100,000 pesos monthly salary and will also enjoy conditions and benefits similar to those accorded to their German counterparts.

What are the other benefits?

Beside the monthly compensation of 1,900 euros, they will also enjoy the following:

  • compulsory insurance in the German social security system
  • health and long-term care insurance, pension, accident and unemployment insurance
  • it is also required by the German employer to provide them with adequate accommodation

What are the requirements?

  • Language training. Prior to hiring, applicants will have to undergo six-month language training in the Philippines. Else, if the health care worker  already possess language skills suitable for working, there is no need to complete the six-month training. 
  • Experience. As of the moment, the years of experience needed to qualify is not yet posted.
  • Most of the requirements will be posted soon, once the POEA released their official guidelines.

When will be the deployment?

The German government wants them to be deployed at the soonest possible time.

Do you have to take the German board examination for nurses? 

As of the moment, this is still under negotiation. But the German government expressed their willingness to negotiate a mutual recognition agreement that would enable Filipino nurses to work without taking the German licensure examination.

How to apply?

As of the moment, the exact application details and requirements are not yet finalized by the POEA. We will be posting the application details and updates at this post.

What field of nursing do they need? Age limit for aspirants?

No details posted yet about this matter.

Until when will they hire nurses?

If the pioneer batch received a good feedback, it is expected that Germany will hire more nurses next year.

Is there any online training for their language?

No details about this also.

I have more questions

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  1. im so much interested to work as a nurse in germany but my problem im not in manila and it’s too far and its hard to ask for a leave of absence in our hospital where I am presently working….i saw the ad before but my requirements are not complete but now its complete but it says the selection of new nurses ended last June 30, 2013, I would like to know if there are other schedule for accepting applicants after this said date June 30, 2013? hope to hear soonest reply tnx.

  2. hmm…. it is not stated that filipino nurses need to pass the B2 qualification.
    One should also consider that the 1.900 euro sallary is only gross, health insurance and other social insurances will automatically be deducted. Which leaves a sallary of 1.300 euros. They post it here like life in Germany is easy, learning german is hard enough

  3. hallo! just want to ask if papaano magging processing in my case…. im a filipina and currently in deutschland..and by june mag B1 na ako…i already had 3yrs working experience sa hopitals in phil. pwede rin bah ako mag apply sa project na ito? many thanks.. -fmcs

  4. Cristal is right but what my uncle told me is that the language level should be A1-B2. B2 language level is one of the requirement for a working visa in Germany. Meine Onkel ist Deutscher, er arbeitet fur die Deutsch Botschaft . Gute Nacht!!!

  5. Cristal is right but what my uncle told me is that the language level should be A1-B2. B2 language level is one of the requirement for a working visa in Germany. Meine Onkel ist Deuscther, er arbeitet fur Deutch Embassy. Gute Nacht!!!

  6. I’ve already send eine Lebenslauf in on Hospital located at NRW and as they answered my application I was told to wait. Is these offer applicable/acceptable in all different Stadt in Deutschland? I’m now currently on my A2.3 and will soon finish in couple of weeks then I will proceed on my B1 course. would this be ideal to do or wait for the employers offer to learn language for free?

  7. I am currently working in the middle east right now and I was planning to take this opportunity since I am not interested in working in any of the Gulf Countries anymore and extend my contract. Is there an examination needed to pass in that 6 months German language training?! If so, then I am planning to learn the language ONLINE instead and take the exam. I just need information regarding the application process such as the submission of resume and interview, etc. Hope you could update your information regarding this hiring process. THANKS>..