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    Hi…I’m a14 year (this year) LPN and I’m going to start my journey to RN this year. Putting it off way to long and I regret it. I’m trying to find ways to work through studying for the TEAS (grumble grumble expletive). It’s super strange to me that thus test is focused on subjects that I haven’t seen or been required to take as prerequisites. Seems as though it’s geared for high school graduates more than anything…oh well…gotta be done. Great content here to help me study. Feels like square one! Wish me luck!

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10 Fluid And Electrolyte Imbalances Nursing Care Plans

Nursing plan and goals for fluid and electrolyte imbalances include: maintaining fluid volume at a functional level, patient exhibits normal laboratory values, demonstrates appropriate changes in lifestyle and behaviors including eating patterns and food quantity/quality, re-establishing and maintaining normal pattern and GI functioning.
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