Hereford Nurse Raises Funds for Colleague by Shaving Head

Hereford Times online news reported how a Hereford nurse ‘braved the shave’ to raise funds to support a colleague undergoing cancer treatment.

Angie Prosser is a registered nurse and a team leader at Hereford Kidney Treatment Center, led the patients and staff to raise money to support Marie Gittoes, who has leukemia. She is currently under chemotherapy in Cheltenham hospital. Prosser praised the colleague as a “fab nurse” that needs full support now as a patient.

Prosser has done this by shaving her hair. Meanwhile, her colleagues dyed their hair instead with pink, and a patient grows his beard. All these will benefit the Leukaemia and Intensive Chemotherapy or LINC charity.

You may also support Prosser’s advocacy by donating through

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