Staff and instructors of a nursing school found a creative way to simulate a new learning experience for their nursing students.

Using fake blood, guts, and gaping wounds–complete with gore and creepy music–clinical instructors at Rutgers School of Nursing in New Jersey creates a “Hospital of Horrors”.

And it’s just in time for this halloween.

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Nurse instructors took weeks to prepare the dummies! They would apply makeup and other accessories to illustrate various medical situation.

To add the learning during the fun, students must determine the protocol and nursing interventions for each station, further, the need to identify where the hospital has made an error.

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Other nursing schools have been putting together similar Halloween events, but Debora Tracey, assistant director of the school’s Center for Clinical Learning, wanted theirs to hold some educational value for students according to an interview with


“We want them to have fun and we want to stimulate critical thinking,” says Linda Curley, instructor and clinical lab learning coordinator at the center.

The “Hospital of Horrors” comes to the school’s New Brunswick location for the first time on Oct. 27.

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