Medical-Surgical Nursing: Concepts and Clinical Application (ISBN 971-513-167-0) is a complete all-in-one reviewer for your medical-surgical nursing concepts. This study guide will be your buddy during your review for the Nurse Licensure Examination.

According to it is currently in its second edition and is published by Educational Pub. House, (c) 2009 in Manila. You can acquire this book in any National Bookstore branches.

Information in the book are presented in an easy to comprehend “as is” format. It covers all concepts of medical-surgical nursing and more handy than Joyce Black’s.

After each chapter, you can test what you’ve learned with its sample board exam questions. All of which, have answers and rationales for each choices.


  • Has complete information regarding the medical-surgical field
  • Has board exam-like questions at the end of each chapter to test your skills
  • Its all you’ll need to prepare for the NLE
  • Its cheap. Price ranges from 180 pesos to 240 pesos.
  • Its handy

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Actually, this book has a twin brother: Mastering Fundamentals of Nursing: Concepts and Clinical Application, which covers (of course) fundamentals of nursing concepts, psychiatric nursing and MCN.


Here’s a review from jonsky72 of

this book help me a lot i didn’t even have to answer 300 to   a day. I just answered the questions in this book and read it for 3 to 4x. You’ll gonna learn lots of concepts, normal values (arranged in a summarize order including diet plan of a patient, client positioning and uses and functions of diagnostic test of the client ) needed to pass the NCLEX exam. you could easily understand signs and symptoms of certain diseases needed for answering SATA questions with the use of its easy to memorize mnemonics….Most importantly, there’s no need to read other comprehensive books coz this book alone is the key and can greatly help you in passing the NCLEX exam….

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