Last Day of Nursing School


Many of us may not look back at nursing school with fond memories. Like me, it’s a blur of stressful clinicals, boring lectures, and tears. The most exciting time of nursing school was the end of it. The completion of that final test and the feeling of freedom is the best part. With nursing school in the past, it’s exciting to look forward to new beginnings, doing what you love in life.

The video below is a new nurse’s documentation of his last day of nursing school. After a filling bowl of cereal and a heart-to-heart with his cat, he leaves for school. After scoring a remarkable 89% on his final, he goes on to tell us about his meeting with his preceptor, who is extremely helpful. She provides him with tips and tricks of the trade and encourages him in the start of his nursing journey. The student ends with some adventurous rock climbing to end this huge milestone.


In the video, prayers are requested for NurseMurse next steps leading to a career in the hospital. Well, you’ve got them! I’m glad your last day of nursing school has gone well, and I wish you only the best in this crazy world of nursing. Good luck!



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