License Suspended for Nurse Who Reused Syringes


The nurse who reused flu shot syringes that put 67 patients at risk for HIV and hepatitis at a pharmaceutical company, voluntarily surrendered her license according to New Jersey official on Thursday.

The state Attorney General’s office said the nurse‘s license is temporarily suspended and barred from practice until further ruling from the state’s board of nursing is reached.

In a consent order, the board was informed the nurse “administered inadequate amount of flu vaccine” to patients at Otsuka Pharmaceutical in West Windsor using two single-use syringes. If proven, the allegations would demonstrate that she engaged in gross acts of negligence, malpractice, or incompetence.


“Such conduct evidences that (the nurse) is a clear and imminent danger to the public warranting a temporary suspension of her license to practice nursing in the state,” the order states.

It was previously stated that the risk of infection was low since the syringes that hold the vaccine — not needles — were reused. Still, all 67 had to undergo testing for hepatitis B and C, and HIV.

“We take full responsibility for this incident and are working diligently with the New Jersey Department of Health to resolve this matter as swiftly as possible,” TotalWellness president and founder Alan Kohll said in a statement. “Our sincerest apologies go out to all those affected by this terrible event.”


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