Listen to Lawrence O’Donnell’s Touching Tribute to Nurses


With all the commotion happening in social media and TV belittling the value of nurses (ehem, The View fiasco), it’s easy to say that nurses often go unrecognized in the many wonderful things they do.

In his MSNBC show The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, the news anchor recounted the details of his accident and paid tribute to the nurses and doctors who had cared for him.

“Great nurses don’t do it for the money. Yes, they care about they rely on their paychecks but they couldn’t do the work they do if the motivation didn’t come from the goodness of their hearts,” O’Donnell said in his sweeping monologue.

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O’Donnell also spoke of one nurse in particular, a black woman named Shannon. She told him she’d gotten that name because a woman named Shannon was the only nurse who didn’t refuse to care for her father when he was a wounded soldier.


“On my last day in New York, I told Shannon that if I had another daughter, I would name her Shannon.”

Kudos to all nurses and all the selfless things you do!

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