Medical Tattoos – More Alerting than MedBands?


Medical Tattoos are becoming more common today instead of wearing a standard medical alert bracelets.

According to Wikipedia: A Medical Tattoo is used to show the illness or allergic reaction one has. It can serve as a warning that a patient suffers from a chronic disease or as an aid in radiotherapy. Also, after mastectomy, tattooing is sometimes used to replace the areola.

Medical tattoos are useful to some people who cannot wear jewelry to their work or allergic to the metals used for it. Bracelets, necklaces and bands can be break or get lost.


The problem with medical tattoos is that they are designed for aesthetic reasons than medically alerting health care providers. Also, designs of medical tattoos vary, and there is no standard design for it.

Below are some interesting and creative uses of a medical tattoo.


 Hemophilia Type A


Diabetic and Insulin Dependent

Implanted Defibrillator

Don’t MRI

Penicillin Allergy


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