Miss Colorado Appears on ‘Ellen,’ Defends Monologue


The lady who gained much attention about her unique ‘talent’ at Miss America’s 89th beauty pageant is on the spotlight once again.

Kelley Johnson, known by many as Miss Colorado, appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show Thursday, where, in addition to defending her viral monologue, she was also asked why Ellen should be on the $10 bill. The question came after the former chose the latter’s face to be put on the bill during the interview portion of the pageant.

Recently, Johnson received fierce comments by ‘The View’ hosts brought about by her unique presentation in the pageant. Michelle Collins and Joy Behar’s comments, in particular, appeared to be not in line on the nursing profession as a whole. Johnson’s nurse scrubs, to be specific, was apparently questioned: “Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on her neck?”

The 22-year-old nurse-turned-beauty queen, meanwhile, stood up and further rationalized her ‘unique’ monologue on the show.

“A lot of people told me not to do a monologue for talent, it’s very unique,” Johnson explained. “But, I am a nurse and that’s my talent is taking care of people and caring about other people. I wanted to give the nurses that don’t have that voice, that voice and recognition of somebody going up there and just being a little bit different and unique.”


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Nurses were quick to submit themselves to social media using the hashtags #nursesmatter, #nursesunite, #mytalentisnursing, and #notjustanurse to support Johnson. However, the beauty pageant runner up explained that the attention is appreciated.

“I really do care a lot and it was just so much fun to perform that and see it trend on Twitter and Facebook, especially being able to bring all those nurses together and have everybody standing up for our profession and giving them the voice that they deserve. They work so hard and they are life savers and that was all the message I wanted to give. It’s about them, not about me.”

During the show, Johnson revealed that the Miss America charity recently paid off her student loans, and now plans to go to grad school for nursing. And upon hearing these, DeGeneres reached out to her friends at Shutterfly and they decided to give her $10,000 to put toward school.

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