The Murses: Six Men Set out to Conquer Nursing

These Guys Found a Funny Little Way to OWN the Term "Murse"!


Many of us are aware of the saying that men are truly from Mars, and women are from Venus, and that we live on two different worlds. But how does a man survive in a woman’s world?

There is no doubt that there is an increasing number of male nurses in the world. Men are no longer adjourned by sexual stereotyping which, during the time of Florence Nightingale, has made nursing a career primarily for women.

Uploaded in 2011, this creative and entertaining video we found online features Jian Salcedo, Jesus Lopez, Travis Sanborn, Mandeep Uppal, Sajid Anwar, and Michael Tillett, a group of male nursing students from California State University in America. It is an epic tale of six men that set out to conquer the world of nursing.

Anyone who is a “murse” or a male nurse can take some humor from this post. As of the moment, the clip already has broken more than 209,000 views on YouTube and still climbing.

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