DOH Orders Termination of ‘Nurse Volunteer Programs’


Department of Health Secretary Enrique T. ONA, issued memorandum 2011-0238 mandating to terminate all “Nurse Volunteer Programs”, “Volunteer Training Programs for Nurses” and all similar or related programs, in all DOH-retained hospitals in the Philippines.

“The current practice of registered nurses “volunteering” in hospitals to gain ‘work experience’ and/or to obtain a certificate of work experience and for purposes of meeting requirements for employment abroad, is not consistent with the provisions of this law (Republic Act 9418: Volunteer Act of 2007).”

In addition, many hospitals have implemented “nurse volunteerism” in the guise of “training programs” in order to justify the collection of “training fees”, whereby such basic skills training put no added value to the professional career of the nurses.

Therefore, all DOH hospitals are hereby directed to discontinue all existing programs involving nurses who deliver free services in exchange for work experience/volunteer nurses, volunteer trainings, and all other similar programs. All hospitals-based trainings for nurses should follow a definite career progression to be defined and accredited by the DOH and Professional Regulatory Commision-Board of Nursing.


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  1. ang problema yung gumastos na for medical laboratories sa requirements para sa nurse trainee na position. Gaya ko na schedule for Oct as a nurse trainee. august pa yong result ng exam namin tapos 2nd week of Sept kinomply na yung requirements like labs tapos gumastos na ng 1500 para lng sa medical. ehh ngayon sept rin cinancel or nagpost ng notice. ang swerte nmn ng hospital na yun kasi naperahan na kmi sa labs. kainis. talagang nakakainis tlga. Sana kinonsider nlng na last batch kami after all the expenses for the laboratory fees. grrr

  2. this is good to prevent greedy hospitals from accepting money from nurses. but now the problem is what will happen to all the nurses out there. I am sure these hospitals will not be hiring all of them. with the swarm of thousand nurses every 6 months. So what now? Even for an experienced nurse like me with exp outside the country and has specialization is having a hard time looking for a job here in the Philippines what more for the newly passed nurses?

    You can’t also blame us to look for job outside since there is no offer here. If only they controlled the boom of nursing schools before, maybe there will be less unemployed nurses no hospitals that would have taken advantage of all these.

  3. stupid ,thats a good order indor to hire them a nurses.. umaasa lang sila sa volunteer .. for god sake 4 years nag aral .. tpos tambay.. hirap ng board.. tpos ganito lang… maganda ang desicion .. pano n yan san n kami pulutin … wala volunteer wala hiring .. san pa .. DOH come on…. pano n kami… PNA help us……. this unfair…..

  4. kung bakit nag aabroad tanungin nyo sarili nyo.. kaya nyo ba kami bigyan ng trabaho…. nga opisyal na magnanakaw….DOH ANO balak nyo sa amin tumambay … hanggang makapag asawa….shit.. sabihin nyo bakit pumapayag mag volunteer sino ba may gusto mag volunteer…kung may job kayo ibibigay… mas mabuti pa vocational eh 6 month lang may work… may board exam pa kunwari wala naman pala trabaho…. para san pa ang board exam …..diba para makapag work .. pumasa n nasan n work….. ung public naman hindi pagalingan palakasan nd backer… this is philippines. sa goverment not you know whom you know.. 75 tinalo ang 82 hahaha… philippines .. kailan ka magbabago..may nag nagnakaw ng 500 million ibinalik ang 250 million absuelto hahaha tanga …..

  5. The memorandum is actually beneficial to all of us nurses unemployed whether with or without experience. Hospitals will be forced to open job vacancy, therefore, there will be opportunity waiting for us. Furthermore, the experience you will gain will be useful when this memorandum will be properly implemented. Honestly the volunteer or training experience are mostly unrecognized by the employers abroad. In fact they would require you to present a certificate specifying that you are a staff nurse receiving a compensation. So guys, this is indeed a good news! Lastly, don’t ever let yourselves become a victim of these, don’t be afraid to reveal hospitals who exploit us. We have rights and they should be reminded that we are human who have basic needs and mouths to feed.

  6. Ano na DOH? What’s our next step, hindi rin kami nila tatanggapin without trainings..You mean kailangan tingitingi nalng like for IV therapy, magbabayad ka pa rin unless kau ang magoopen ng opportunity sa amin.

  7. sana hindi lng nila basta2 itigil, panu na lng ung mga nakapagbayad na d pa tapos,,, in the first place ala namang volunteer kung may pag aaplyan na work.. nurses sacrifice na magbayad dahil un lng ang paraan para lng makapag experience tapos ganito pa ang mangyayari.. come on!!!

  8. ung mga tao sa admin na mismo mga registered nurses ang humahawak pa at nagfafacilitate ng mga training programs na ito.. bakit ganun sila? na pati ID lace eh i-rerequire nila as part of your uniform.. na mismo konting itim sa sapatos mo na pang-duty ay hindi accepted.. na lahat ng seminars nila ay ginagawang compulsary at isasama sa oras ng participation mo para umatend ka at makuhanan ng P100.. maliwanag na maliwanag.. hindi na sila nag-isip at nakonsensya.. mga nurses pa man din kayo..

  9. to our beloved president sana bigyan mo ng pansin ang mga nurses in the philippines madami n ngkakasakit pag nawala na kami lahat dito isa k sa magdudusa pagbbagu db bkit hindi k mabgay ng memo na bawal ang mga palakasan 3 years n kami sa isang doh n ospital hndi kami maregular dahil s palakasan system nila un kahapon lang nakpag simula regular n ung nabubulok na s ospital at naglilingkod ng tapat gnawa pang rn heals pagkatapos ng 4 n taon n pgsesrbisyo. look at dat!brutal n tlaga sistema ntin!


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