Nominate Outstanding RNs for 2016 ANA’s National Awards


When was the last time someone told you “good job” or “good to have you on the team?” Being aware of our worth and knowing that we have done our best in the job definitely makes us feel good about ourselves. And what is more rewarding is that we give and receive recognition to keep the members of our organization inspired, dedicated, and motivated.

And for us nurses, time has come once again to nominate a deserving nurse for their outstanding contributions in health care for an ANA National Award.

Dr. Pamela Cipriano, president of the American Nurses Association (ANA), recently announced the Call for 2016 National Awards Nominations. ANA’s National Awards give recognition to registered nurses and others for their outstanding contributions to the nursing profession and the healthcare field.


And at this very moment, it’s your chance to decide and appoint people who are committed to improving the quality of care for all. You can nominate someone for an ANA National Award if you are an ANA member or a member of an ANA organizational affiliate.

Visit to view the different categories honoring registered nurses committed to improving the quality of care for all!

The nomination deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 20. So, you better start setting up your criteria and nominate your incredible nurse!

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