The Nurse Deployment Project 2014 or NDP is a Department of Health (DOH) project that aims to improve local health systems and support the Philippines’ attainment of Universal Health Care or “Kalusugang Pangkalahatan.” Furthermore it aims to also give employment opportunities to the growing number of unemployed nurses in the country. The program coincides with one of the main goals of the Aquino Health Agenda (AHA).

Budget for employing nurses have doubled as sin taxes increased the DOH’s budget thus the Nurses Deployment Project will employ nurses instead of ‘deploying’ them contrary to that of RNheals.

Because of its implementing guidelines’ similarity, Nurse Deployment Project 2014 is sometimes dubbed as “RNheals 2014” or “Nurses to Barrios Program.” In fact, the NDP is the successor of the Registered Nurse for Health Enhancement and Local Service (RN Heals).

Implementing Guidelines

Main article: Implementing Guidelines for the Nurse Deployment Project 2014

DOH Secretary Enrique T. Ona has signed the DOH Department Circular 2013-0403 or the Implementing Guidelines for the Nurse Deployment Project 2014 issued at September 30, 2013. The certified true copy of the said memo was submitted to the DOH Records Section last November 21, 2013.

Application procedures

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Application Levels

  1. First Level: Documents Review
  2. Second Level: Examination
  3. Third Level: Interview


Recruitment and selection period will be from November 4 to 29, 2013. The Centers for Health Development (CHDs) shall set their timelines for accepting and selecting applications within the prescribed period.


Applicants shall accomplish the official project application form which can be downloaded through the DOH website or our own copy here. Applications shall be submitted directly to CHDs or to RHUs, PHOs, and DOH Central Offices that are tasked to forward them to CHDs.

CHDs Accepting Applications

Main article: List of Center for Health Development (CHDs) for Nurse Deployment Project

All Centers for Health Development (CHDs) nationwide are accepting applications.


Application will start on November 4, 2013 and will end on November 29, 2013 or depending on the CHD’s prerogative.


Application shall be open to all nurses with the following qualifications:

  • Official and validated license from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).
  • Willing to undergo recruitment and selection process of the CHDs.
  • Physically and mentally fit. A medical certificate is required.

Priority shall also be given to the following:

  • Nurses who are graduates of the RNheals program.
  • Nurses residing in the localities where the recipient rural health units or health facilities are located.

Documentary Requirements

The following documents are needed for application:

  • Accomplished application form for Nurse Deployment Project below. 
  • Application letter addressed to the director of the CHD where you’d want to apply.
  • Updated resume
  • Photocopy of valid PRC license
  • Barangay certification
  • Medical certificate
  • Additional requirement may be needed

Application Form

The application form below is needed in applying. Print it in a A4-sized paper. Accomplish accordingly.


Examination will be given to all applicants to avoid possible biases during the selection process. Although the coverage and structure of the exam may vary per CHD, the following topics are most likely to be included:

  • Community Health Nursing
  • Public Health Nursing
  • Maternal and Child Care Nursing
  • Maternity Nursing

If you want to review these questions, please visit our Nursing Board Examination Questions page.


Once officially accepted, nurses will be informed by the receiving facilities through a letter or any mode of communication available. The nurses are then required to sign a contract of service in pursuit of their commitment to complete the project. The start of contact shall be on January 2014. 

Deployment Areas

Nurses under the NDP will be assigned in Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) areas of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), 20 poorest provinces and 1,233 focus municipalities as identified by the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC).

Assignment areas

The nurses shall be then assigned in the following areas:

  • Rural Health Units (RHUs)
  • Birthing Homes
  • Barangay Health Stations
  • Level I LGU hospitals


Nurses will be hired on a Contract of Services status with an equivalent item of NURSE I. Their contract is for six (6) months that can be renewed based on very satisfactory performance for a maximum of two (2) years.


Hired nurses shall receive Salary Grade 11 or amounting to Php 18,594.00 monthly, equivalent to a entry-level nurse.


The nurses shall submit their Daily Time Record (DTR) every month to their respective CHDs every month. This will serve as basis for their salary and shall be approved by the Public Health Nurse or Municipal Health Officer in the RHUs, Chief Nurse or immediate supervisors.

In case of absences and tardiness, the salary is subject to deductions based on the existing rules and regulations.

Accomplishment Reports

Nurses are also required to submit a Monthly Accomplishment Report describing the highlights of their activities, target achievements, learning insights, issues and concerns and recommendations. It shall be submitted to their immediate supervisor for notation and to be forwarded to the CHDs.

Deployment Evaluation

CHDs are also tasked to conduct a midterm and end of deployment evaluation. The results of the evaluation shall be submitted to HHRDB as an input to the Program Implementation Review (PIR).

Post Deployment

After the satisfactory completion of their deployment, the nurses shall be awarded with a Certificate of Employment signed by the CHD director.

Difference with RNHeals

The four-year long run of RNheals program has been scrapped by the DOH in exchange for the Nurse Deployment Project 2014. In RNheals, nurses are only receiving Php 8,000 monthly stipend and PhilHealth and GSIS contributions. As for the NDP, DOH will not only be employing the nurses (rather than only deploying them) and will be receiving around Php 18,549 or Salary Grade 11 including all the benefits a DOH employee receives.

See Also


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  1. Matatanggap na ba yung mga gustong mag-apply kahit na hindi graduate ng RNHeals?? Sana bigyan dn naman ng chance yung mga gustong magtrabaho kahit na hindi graduate ng RNHeals.. Unfair kasi na sila nalang lagi ang tinatanggap

  2. hi,good evening po..
    im from region 8, specifically here at ormoc city
    im so confused with the processing.. please do help me.. im really interested.
    i recently passed d may 2014 licensure exam.. still unemployed..

    what will i do next from here?
    please, do reply.. thank you so much and god bless you..

  3. Gudeve po…just want to ask lang po sana when po ang next schedule for filling nang application for NDP nurses. Interested lang po. I’ve prepared my requirements but i dont know po when is the schedule. Region 9 po. tnx in advance.
    Additional lang po, if ever po may nag resign sa NDP without ending the contract, pwede ba cyang palitan nang ongoing applicant. thanks po..

  4. Good Afternoon!

    Till now, wala pa rin pong salary ang NDP ng Region 8 since the start of deployment nung January. Sabi po ng head ng HRDU nung orientation ay 2mos delay and salary pero mag 3mos na po at wala pa din. Kahit salaries ng JO ng PHTO namin wala pa din same samin. Wala rin po kaming naririnig na updates from the regional office regarding this. Sana po mabigyang pansin to. Kailangan na oo tlaga namin lalo nat lahat kami ay galing sa yolanda affected areas. Salamat po at God bless

    Mark89, RN


  6. wake up GOVT!!!! hnd pb matatanggal ang compadrino system? kwawa nmn ung mga skilled and deserving tlga n mga tao…!Be fair!!! you should not base your judgement the way the applicant talks instead base it the way he do or he have done it or in his skills and ability to work selflessly or passionately…ika nga “just do it”! ur right [email protected], dpt mg base dn xa recommendation ng mga staffs xa RHU pti xa mga DOH-REP.

    • yup! actually unfair nga the way they have hired their applicants kc sbi e ms “priority daw ang my experience” lalo n ung mga grad ng RNheals peo bkt d2 smin e my na hire ni wla mnlng exp. kht volunteer lng sna…hnd nmn xa pg under estimate-just wanna compare, peo bt ubg ex-RNheals and graduated as cumlaude xa isang top school xa manila e hnd nakuha?to think n mglng 2ng tao n 2 and mgnda dn ang performance…how come DOH? ok lng kht hnd ako ma-hire bsta fair lng sna?!!! kc kawawa jn mga staffs xa institution where they will assigned and also people on their respective community will suffer as well…sna fair lng po!!!?

  7. sana walang politca. ang dating rnheals kailangan talaga makpasok kasi may ron na silang experience plus yong wala pa para maka experience din. tama. iyn sanang mga midwife ta nurses sa rhu sila sana magrecommend kasi sila ang nakaalam nang kakayahan nang mga nag RNheals. Sana naman walang politica. maawa din kayo.

      • sorry late reply.

        initial requirements namin:

        photocopy of PRC
        medical certificate from a public physician
        55 pesos – pang notario sa contract

        for ATM siguro ito ibang requirements
        photocopy of 2 valid ID
        TIN No.
        1 x 1 picture.

        if yung process ng selection naman po yung tinutukoy niyo.

        After po mag close ng application.
        Nagtext po sila ng first week ng december for schedule ng exam.
        Tapos yung mismong schedule ng exam nagstart ng December 9 until 13.
        Tapos nag interview sila the following week, December 16 to 20. :D
        Tapos nag text sila ng mga pasok for NDP January 15 to 17.

        based po yan sa experience naming magkakaibigan, di ko lang po sure kung pareho sa iba.

    • I called chd if you wer not txt until fri jan 17 it means ur in a waiting list..ung mga magbabackout during the first day of orientation kukuha sila sa waiting list to cover up…but that is impossible ..

  8. May nag-text na sa akin and they say I am one of the successful examiners. :) It’s my first time to enter in this job, not for employment but for my girlfriend! Hello! Mag business na lang kayo!!!

  9. we all took the exam today. Sadly sabi nga talaga nila eh mahihire yun mga dating RNheals. I am one of those new applicant, kasi hindi ako makapasokpasok since Rnheals began. sana naman ayusin na rin requirements na dapat sana sabihin on hand sa application dapat yung mga previous hired sa RNHeals ang kukunin. nakakadismaya kasi kawawa naman kami na first timer, paano naman kami magkakaroon ng experiences sa RNheals kung hindi kami mahihired di ba po? Well i am not bitter naman kung hindi ako matatanggap. my ibang Reason siguro si God and it’s for the better

  10. i was one of those n ngpasa ng application s chdgraduate ako ng rnheals.they said n priority nila kmi.happy but sad for those who tried n mga new applicant.and one thing, s previous area k where i was assigned, ung immediate supervisor namin, xa lng pumili ng irerecommend s chd n gusto nya, ung MHO, d nya man lng hiningian ng opinion kung cno gusto nya, basta lng kung sino sipsip s kany un pinili nya,bakit ung immediate supervisor and MHo lng pd mg recommend?cno b ksama lage ng rnheals during our time?ung mga tao mismo s community plus the midwives, sila dapat ang mg recommend s min kc dun nila nkikita performance.ung visor namin, wala pkialam s min, kung cno bet nya dun xa nka focus, even ung wala n s linya ng trabaho un inuutos para s pan sariling interes.haysss!

  11. I was planning on submitting my resume with Rnheals 5, but after reading the whole thing, It just felt unfair that they are prioritizing the graduates of Rnheals, I thought this program was made to give chance to the unemployed pile of nurses in the philippines. I bet there’s a lot of people out there who were waiting for batch 5 and got dismayed after reading everything.

  12. region xi. tagum city please….. more details ng application, san isusubmit, hanggang kelan deadline.. ang hirap nmn nito, late posting agad agad ang deadline… tos di pa open and willing to help yong posted personel n icocontct….

  13. ng email aq sa director ng Davao region kasi tagum city resident ako. wala kasing deatails kung san tlaga magus-submit ng application, eh limited lng nireply. punta dw ng hr office sa Davao city tos ibang nme ng tao ang pinapahanap for more details. hello.,? nov 29 n dw deadline. tos ang late ng posting… so unfair kasi yung kakilala at kasama ko sa bahay, tinext na xa kahit hindi pa xa nakakasubmit ng application… ano to? backer system ?

    • Ako lang ba nakakaramdam na parang ang unfair naman, ung mga nag RNheals nanaman priority. why not give chance sa ibang nurses na eager magtrabaho at patunayan n hndi naman porket sila ung may experience sa field ee sila lang ung may “alam” sa nursing skills.