Baby's mouth was taped allegedly by a nurse for constantly crying. Photo: Rye Kido's Facebook.
Baby's mouth was taped allegedly by a nurse for constantly crying. Photo: Rye Kido's Facebook.

A baby’s crying was apparently too much for a nurse in a hospital in Cebu, Philippines.

Couple Ryan Noval and Jasmine Badocdoc were shocked to see the mouth of their newborn child, named Yohannes, taped inside Cebu Puericulture and Maternity House.

When they asked why the boy’s mouth was taped, a nurse told them the baby was crying non-stop and was always asking for milk.

Badocdoc asked the nurse to remove the tape but the latter allegedly replied, “You can go ahead and take it off yourself ma’am.”

Badocdoc was afraid she might hurt their baby. The nurse eventually volunteered to remove the tape herself.

While removing the tape, a bit of skin was peeled off from the boy’s lips causing the child to cry. The couple demands a clarification from the hospital.

Baby's mouth plastered with tape due to non-stop crying. Photo: Rye Kido's Facebook.
Baby’s mouth plastered with tape due to non-stop crying. Photo: Rye Kido’s Facebook.

In defense, the attending nurse’s supervisor said that their son’s lips were taped so he can suck on his pacifier properly. She also told the couple that the pacifier might have fell from the infant’s mouth.

“Was it really necessary to tape my son’s pacifier? What if he choked on it?” the mother asked.


The father's outcry. Screenshot from Facebook.
The father’s outcry. Screenshot from Facebook.

Outraged about the incident, Noval said in an interview: “I feel raped as a parent.”

Noval also took Facebook to post pictures of his week-old baby with his lips sealed. In the post, he said: “Meet my son Yohannes Noval!! He cannot speak about his horrific experience from the attending nurse’s hands…so we have to speak out for him.” His post have earned sympathies for the boy and outrage against the hospital.

After the couple’s son was born last May 3, the child had to stay for a few days in the hospital due to an infection he incurred at birth. They regularly return to the hospital to breastfeed their newborn.


“If you think your newborn babies are safe, think again. Your babies could be silent victims and you will never really know about it!” he warned.


Noval and his wife have filed a complaint against the nurse over the incident.

An investigation is being carried out by the hospital and the couple are still waiting for the results.

Dr. Raida Varona, the hospital’s medical director, said they are investigating which of the nurses on duty allegedly taped the baby’s mouth, stressing that such act is not part of their procedures.

Department of Health regional director Dr. Jaime Bernadas, also bared a fact finding investigation on the case.

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  1. Question: Baby is crying loudly in the nursery. What would the nurse do? (SOTA)
    A. Check diapers and change if soiled.
    B. See if the baby is hungry.
    C. Cradle the baby to your arms.
    D. Tape the mouth of the baby.

  2. What the nurse did was absolutely wrong in so many levels. I feel pity for the family and scared at the same time. Imagine what else can the nurses do to these poor babies. I doubt that taping newborns is just one of them.

  3. I am just wondering, was there just one nurse on duty when this was happening so that it’s the parents who found the baby with the tapes, this is not not a one nurse crime someone else must have seen it! Common practice eh?

  4. this is too bad!!! the nurse’s license need to be ceased and she stops practicing…this act was caught, what of those she has been doing unseen?


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