Nurse Seeks £50,000 to Save Her Life and Continue Saving Others

Heidi Roberts

Heidi Roberts, a nurse, formerly working at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, is currently battling the Big C. She has spent her life taking care of other people’s lives. Now, more than any of her patients does, she badly needs help to save her own life.

Last October 2013, she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. The 36-year-old nurse had no choice but to give up her job and start fighting her illness. Her condition got worse and eventually affected her lungs. Roberts is believed to be optimistic. However, she has to accept that she needs to undergo procedures, though some of them could really be painful.

The number of her supporters didn’t stop from growing despite not having successful sessions of chemotherapies. Neither did radiotherapy work well. After four years of painful struggle against her disease, Roberts had decided to try a new treatment which she believes could be her answered prayer. She is optimistic that PD-1 immunotherapy would work for her as it did to others. However, the said treatment is not certified in the United Kingdom.

The person, who was then keen to help other people’s lives, is now in desperate need to raise £50,000 for alternative treatment option in Germany. An overseas treatment has to push through, and it needs enough funding and effort.

Tesco Staff
Tesco staff walk up Mount Snowdon to raise money for Roberts’ treatment. | Image via

Support from her family and friends started to step in including one remarkable effort from the Tesco staffs by walking up the Mountain Snowdon to raise £50,000 goal. Also, Roberts’ friends, Vicki Wilson and Mel McDonough, didn’t waste any time and started a GoFundMe page to ask for additional contributions. A bunch of good friends also set up a Facebook page to help out.

Her optimism continued to inspire more people, move helpful souls, and take part to achieve the £50,000 goal. As of the moment, the collected contributions already reached £52,550 and still counting. This paved the way for her to have submitted a tissue sample for evaluation.

Though Roberts is facing a great battle now, she never gets tired of smiling and inspiring other people. This courageous nurse, along with a bunch of caring friends and supporters, would never rest on their laurels until they find the cure to her sickness.

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