Nurse Sentenced to Life for Killing Patients by Injecting Them With Bleach

Texas, USA — Kimberly Saenz, 38, was found guilty of capital murder for injecting her patients with bleach. Saenz was fired form her job at a clinic in Lufkin in 2008 after patients started dying and falling increasingly ill.

The daughter of victim Thelma Metcalf told Saenz, “You are nothing more than a psychopathic serial killer. I hope you burn in hell”.

During closing arguments, the prosecution reminded jurors that other patients feared for their lives after they witnessed some of the injections. Two patients testified that they saw Saenz inject the bleach into the IV lines.

Saenz’s public defender, Ryan Deaton, argued that his client had been poorly trained.

The Associated Press found records that showed Saenz’s husband had filed for divorce and obtained an emergency protective order against her in June 2007, a year before the outbreak of death and illnesses at the clinic.

source: MSNBC

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