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The fine folks over are sponsoring 20 of their quality timepieces to be given away to our dear Nurseslabs readers! These pin-on FOB Nurse Watches and belt style watches are an effective alternative that address both the Bare Below the Elbows (BBE) guidelines and are a practical fashionable solution to everyday challenges in the healthcare field and now is your chance to win one for free!

Hospitals and care institutions in the United Kingdom and Australia has implemented the Bare Below the Elbows or BBE policy. BBE means that all staff in contact with patients should effectively decontaminate their hands and wrists between each episode of patient care or contact. The policy recommends the absence of wristwatches to facilitate more effective hand washing thus reducing healthcare associated infection. It is not possible to do this effectively wearing wristwatches and/or jewellery.

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Each of the twenty winners will get a chance to choose one of the many Nurse Watches designs at the website. Four winners will win each day until the contest ends. Winners will be announced at this page. Good luck!


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Day 1 (October 7) 

  • Aileen M. D.
  • Susan L.
  • Sharyl S.
  • Christina B.

Day 2 (October 8)

  • Niki Whitman
  • Melanie Baker
  • Angela Abel
  • Michele Adams

Day 3 (October 9)

  • DeAna Botta
  • Tegan Pace
  • Dawn Carter-Credille
  • Liberty Roces Bolante

Day 4 (October 10)

  • Carla Biadoma
  • Fhai Escio
  • Lori Dixon Cisek
  • Matthew J Bombace

Day 5 (October 11)

  • Bessie Calingacion Diputado
  • Cortnie Laush
  • Angela Sansone
  • Latoya Mayo
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34 thoughts on “Nurse Watches Giveaway! Join to Win 1 of 20 Nurse Watches!”

  1. BBE makes prefect sense. I’ve often wondered why we are able to wear watches when we don’t wash under them. I think it would be quite an adjustment though, not being able to look at your wrist.

  2. This is indeed a very good product. It is helpful to the nurses yet decreasing the risks of infection and spread of microorganisms.

  3. Not only this is a brilliant idea and reducing infection or cross contamination, it certainly also reduce the risk of unwanted skin tear towards the elderly. IE: imagine u have a wrist watch and delivery cares for the fragile, the watch might accidentally give the elder skin tears.

  4. BBE Nurse Watches is an amazing way to reduce infections and transmissions of bacteria/germs from patient to patient. More facillaties need to get involved with BBE to protect our patients and nursing community!!

  5. BBE is such a great idea when it comes to infection control, but it also depends on them how frequent they wash their hands. Observe cleanliness and self-awareness.

  6. BBE is a great policy to be implemented in a healthcare facility since it focuses and aims the prevention of contamination which leads to infection control as a prophylactic step towards better health for the health care provider as well as for the clients/patient involved. I hope BBE policy would also be implemented in our place. :)

  7. handwashing is the single best, most easy way to prevent infections and cross contamination.. in this day and age, it shouldn’t even need to be said. everyone should be washing their hands between every single patient!

  8. this is a great idea, it is really hard to wash under the watch and also is hard to see a wrist watch when your waiting a gown.

  9. I think that the bbe policy would be very effective in preventing or reducing the risk of transmitting germs/pathogens to our patients. we should apply it here in the philippines. :) especially because most of the nurses here deal with a lot of patients (more than what’s recommended) in one shift, which means that there’s a greater risk for cross contamination.

  10. this policy is would be very helpful in preventing/ reducing the transmission of pathogens. thumbs up to whoever thought of this :)

  11. i think we should implement this policy in the phil as well. it surely decreases the chance of cross contamination (patient to patient via the nurse).

  12. BBE is a smart way to prevent patient to patient infection transmission, awesome idea! Not to mention how cute the watches are as well!

  13. This is a pretty cool blog. I never heard of the BBE, it’s a nice protocol. It’s really nice that are giving some way, it helps promote safety and infection control. Thanks.


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