Nurses Do The Mannequin Challenge!


The viral mannequin challenge has frozen the world of internet, from a bunch of netizens to Ellen DeGenere’s White House stint during the awarding of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And now, a group of nurses nailed the fleeting internet sensation.

In this video, compassionate nurses show the real essence of the Mannequin Challenge– to encourage and inspire their fellow nurses and nurse wannabe to put their heart in service for the world’s patients. This inspirational video shows that being a nurse means touching the lives of other people, and that’s a treasure that overflows with priceless metaphorical gold.


An awe-inspiring depiction of nursing more than just a passion for compassion and integrity, this filmed nursing mannequin challenge shows that nursing is a privilege that will measure our values and responsibilities granted to us with this previous gift of life.

Strength, skill, wisdom, hugs and tears are all part of the journey, but the best part is when you take pride saying “I’m a nurse”. And that’s an immeasurable feeling.

And as the video captivates the heart of the whole world, the way it shows how to touch one person’s life is fulfilling. A strong self-worth rapidly spread not only over the internet but also through the soul of everyone.


Celine Francisco is a registered nurse/freelance writer/content strategist/teacher who found her niche in crafting human interest stories, creative non-fiction, and business. Believing in the power of the mind, she loves to tinker with the impossible and turn it into the simplest masterpiece.

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