#NursesUnite to Defend Miss Colorado After ‘The View’ Hosts Criticizes Her Monologue

Miss America and The View

During the 2016 Miss America beauty pageant talent portion, Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson proudly performed an original monologue in which she talked about her profession as a nurse.

On Monday on the American talk show, The View, two hosts shared their fierce comments on Johnson’s monologue that was not exactly in line with the nursing community’s positive reception.

One of the hosts, Michelle Collins, said Miss Colorado “basically read her emails out loud and shockingly did not win.” She added, “she helps patients with Alzheimer’s, which I know is not funny, but I swear you had to see it.”

But the comment from “The View” that is earning some backlash online comes from Joy Behar, who quips during the segment, “Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope around her neck?”

A clip of the segment has been posted on YouTube which now has around 951K views and a lot of angry comments.



In response, nurses took social media to defend Johnson and express their outrage on what seemed a devaluation of nurses.  Using the hashtags #nursesmatter, #nursesunite, #mytalentisnursing, and #notjustanurse they shared their sentiments and some even posted pictures of their stethoscopes to prove a point.




Ok Facebook Nurses, I have to say this really made my nurse nerves cringe. Not sure if you saw the awesome monologue…

Posted by Fresh RN on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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