Nursing Now Campaign To Put Global Spotlight On Nurses’ Contribution


February 27 will see the launch of the 3-year #NursingNow campaign to raise the status and profile of nursing worldwide. Its aim is “to improve perceptions of nurses, enhance their influence and maximize their contributions to ensure that everyone everywhere has access to health and healthcare.”

Nurses make up over 50% of the healthcare workforce and their contribution is vital in achieving for universal health coverage (UHC) as envisaged by the Millennium Development Goals. The future requires more community and home-based services, more holistic and person-centered care as well as better technology. Being at the forefront of healthcare delivery, nurses are close to their communities, have unique insights and understanding, as well as knowledge and skills in health promotion and prevention.

However, the role and contribution of nurses are often undervalued by health services so that they are not utilized to their full potential. The key to meeting the health challenges of the 21st Century is a greater appreciation of nurses’ worth within the health system, proper deployment as well as the increased inclusion of nurses in health policy and decision making at all levels.

The Nursing Now campaign is based on the findings of the World Health Organization’s Triple Impact report which concluded that developing nursing would not only contribute towards achieving the goal of UHC, but also of the SDG’s of gender equality and strengthening local economies. The campaign is a program of the Burdett Trust of Nursing, in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses and the World Health Organization. It will run for three years until 2020 – the year which sees the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale.


“Nursing would not only contribute towards achieving the goal of UHC, but also of the SDG’s of gender equality and strengthening local economies.”

The global Nursing Now launch events will take place in London and Geneva on February 27, and a number of other activities will take place in various countries across the world. The Duchess of Cambridge has agreed to become a champion for nurses and will speak at the launch at St Thomas Hospital in London. Highlights from the global launches will be live-streamed from 13:00 GMT.

The specific goals of the campaign include: encouraging greater investment in nursing at all levels – education, professional development, standards and conditions of employment; greater sharing of information about effective and innovative nursing practices; increasing nurses’ influence in policy-making; more nurses in leadership positions and intensified development opportunities; more research-based evidence on issues affecting nurses to direct policy and decision making.

We can all be champions for nursing, helping to focus the public eye on nurses and nursing. Support the Nursing Now campaign by posting messages and graphics on social media using the campaign social media toolkit. Remember to post under the hashtag #NursingNow.


Frieda Paton is a registered nurse with a Master’s degree in nursing education. Her passion for nursing education, nursing issues and advocacy for the profession were ignited while she worked as an education officer, and later editor, at a national nurses’ association. This passion, together with interest in health and wellness education since her student days, stayed with her throughout her further career as a nurse educator and occupational health nurse. Having reached retirement age, she continues to contribute to the profession as a full-time freelance writer. In the news and feature articles she writes for Nurseslabs, she hopes to inspire nursing students and nurses on the job to reflect on the trends and issues that affect their profession and communities - and play their part in advocacy wherever they find themselves.