Proper Body Mechanics for Nurses

Proper Body Mechanics for Nurses

Body mechanics is a broad term used to denote an effort coordinated by the muscles, bones and nervous system.

12 Principles of Community Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing (CHN) is a vital part of Public Health and there are 12 principles the govern CHN.

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to Combat Dengue

The Department of Science & Technology is looking into the use of genetically modified mosquitoes to combat dengue hemorrhagic fever.

5 Neonatal Sepsis Nursing Care Plans

Neonatal Sepsis is an infection in the blood that spreads throughout the body and occurs in a neonate. Here are 5 Neonatal Sepsis Nursing Care Plans.

List of Medical and Nursing Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Terms 3

For us health care workers, to effectively communicate either through oral communication and documentation, we should be knowledgeable about the different abbreviations and acronyms. The following is a short list of the different abbreviations and acronyms the health-care industry have: