PRC Online Verification of Ratings

You can now verify your grades by using the PRC Online Verification of Ratings at their website. The Professional Regulation Commission’s Online Verification of Rating is a useful system that let’s you check the ratings of your examination.

How to use the PRC Online Verification of Ratings

The interface is pretty direct to the point, but here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose your examination name
  2. Enter your examination date
  3. Enter your application number which can be found in your Notice of Admission (NOA)*
  4. Enter your name
  5. Enter your birthdate
  6. Click on verify

Note: Write the last six (6) digits of your application number. Let’s say your application number is 2013-1-123456, enter only 123456.

If you have correctly completed the form, you’ll receive a result page as such:

Sample results you’ll see on the OVR